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Niobium in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-02-12Updated:2018-02-12
Similar words: niobelabiumcambiumytterbiumsociobiologyglioblastomaradio broadcastgobiMeaning: [naɪ'əʊbɪəm] n. a soft grey ductile metallic element used in alloys; occurs in niobite; formerly called columbium. random good picture
1. An advanced niobium - silicide based ultrahigh temperature alloy was prepared by vacuum consumable arc - melting method.
2. Niobium and niobium - zirconium wires are mainly used in lighting industry.
3. Niobium is the metallic element with the highest transition temperature.
4. Niobium is a soft metal used in producing superconducting steel.
5. We export Titanium, Tantalum, Niobium , Zirconium and Nickel materials and finished products,[] kindly contact for inquiry!
6. The property and catalytic application of niobium oxide in the multiphase field were briefly introduced.
7. The leaching mechanism of niobiuma refractory niobium - tantalum ore by concentrated potassium hydroxide was studied.
8. Characteristic of visible spectrum was studied on niobium by spectroscopic analysis.
9. In niobium alloy containing carbon occurs decarburization in case of contamination by oxygen at higher temperature.
10. Use of copper welding, the welding wire with niobium as the media.
11. Most likely to use superconducting elements -
12. It is widely used to separate tungsten, stannum, niobium, other rare metal and noble metal ores.
13. A series of niobium acids at different calcination temperatures was prepared.
14. After niobium microalloying high carbon steel, the mechanical properties of wire rods was improved.
15. The developments and current situation of tantalum - niobium hydrometallurgical extraction are presented.
16. Niobium oxide optical thin films have been prepared by low frequency reactive magnetron sputtering system.
17. Niobium oxides are favorable promoter and Support.
18. Among the high temperature nonferrous metals are molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, and tungsten.
19. Recently various new reagents and detection Methods: Were used to the photometric detection of niobium.
20. Analysis is made of the determination of chlorine in tantalum niobium composite.
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