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Nilpotent in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2018-09-13Updated:2018-09-13
Similar words: potentpotentiapotentlyimpotentpotentialpotentateprepotenttotipotentMeaning: adj. equal to zero when raised to a certain power. 
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1) Filiform Lie algebras are a class of special nilpotent Lie algebras.
2) Moreover, we shall discuss some properties of nilpotent exponents.
3) In this note, a characterization of the graded nilpotent radical of general group graded rings was established.
4) This paper first presents the definition of nilpotent matrix and then moves on to discuss certain properties of them.
5) In this paper, we define the local nilpotent radical of a semigroup having kernel and prove some properties which is similar to rings.
6) What is nilpotent structure on Riemannian manifold?
7) This article discussed the nilpotent matrix related nature from the matrix different angle.
8) The bounds of nilpotent lengths of finite groups with normalizers of primary subgroups having prime power indices are obtained.
9) By the feature of the nilpotent matrix, the simple method for solving the inverse matrix of some special matrix is given in the present paper.
10) Let L be transitive on V (G) and nilpotent , then G has two disjoint maximal independent sets .
11) Secondly, one construction of Cartesian authentication code from norm form of one class of nilpotent matrices over finite field is presented and its size parameters are computed.
12) It is theoretically important to solve the problems of decomposition of automorphisms of solvable subalgebra and nilpotent subalgebra of matrix algebra over commutative rings.
13) In this paper, the author researches the linear relation defined by a same nilpotent index in the independent vectors, obtains the distribution rule of the nilpotent indices on an arbitrary basis.
14) A class of cubic differential system is studied in this paper, in which origin is nilpotent singular point.
15) We reprove the following theorem with a simpler means:Theorem: let A is the solvable algebra,( then A is the local nilpotent algebra.
16) In this paper, conjugate separability problem in a finitely generated nilpotent group is researched.
17) In this note we describe explicitly the subalgebras of nilpotent matrices and obtain some interesting results.
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