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News media in a sentence

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Sentence count:79Posted:2017-10-25Updated:2017-10-25
Similar words: mass mediaotitis mediamass mediummediamedianmedialmediatecomedianMeaning: n. newspapers and magazines collectively. random good picture
1. The role of the news media in forming public opinion is very important.
2. The attention of the news media was firmly focused on the elections.
3. Isn't it about time the news media gave us the truth about what is happening on our race tracks?
4. And this notion was widely reported in the news media.
5. The news media are increasingly inclined to engage in, or report on, the verbal brawl.
6. Baker included the news media among those who wanted to see Simpson found responsible.
7. All governments recognize that the news media can substantially assist or damage their attempts to achieve their goals.
8. Many states assert powerful control over their news media.
9. Every story like this gives the news media the opportunity to rehash the old material.
10. Similar claims by the reinstated officers against other news media had been settled on payment of agreed damages amounting to £40,000.
11. Some news media have described the government's actions as excessive and unreasonable.
12. We in the news media help to perpetuate the erroneous cliche.
13. The news media, themselves privately owned and controlled, convey an image of society which support dominant class interests.
14. Much of this is conducted through the news media, where the political atmosphere is reflected quite clearly.
15. But, in truth, entertainment is something the news media have grown increasingly comfortable with.
16. The freedom of the news media is protected by strong constitutional safeguards, and the media can report almost anything about politics.
17. This cosmological event was widely reported in the news media,( in the wake of which I heard three paradigmatic responses.
18. The news media serve a generally supportive role in most political systems.
19. The speaker has complained repeatedly that the news media has distorted his message.
20. The spokesman for the State Department disinformed some information about the country's military strength and plans in the news media.
21. The government then publicizes the judgments of the panels through the news media, videotapes, leaflets, and local debates.
22. Kendall keeps a low profile, refusing to grant on-the-record interviews with the news media.
23. Mold An opportunity to gain confidence in dealing with the news media.
24. The judge said his ruling in favor of the news media was subject to change.
25. At a third proceeding June 6, both sides again objected, and the judge ordered the news media excluded.
26. In most liberal democratic countries there is some measure of agreement in the news media on political facts.
27. We pulled together during the standoff, particularly when it appeared that the news media was somehow running down our community.
28. For some protesters, the object is to get the attention of the news media and office holders who can influence policy.
29. As a result, perhaps, her distrust of the Washington establishment, and the news media in particular, is palpable.
30. Events of this sort are reported locally, but seldom picked up by national and international news media.
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