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Network topology in a sentence

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Similar words: topologyworktopbus topologystar topologymetropolitan area networkanthropologywork to rulephysical anthropologyMeaning: n. the configuration of a communication network. 
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1. The network topology is such that new file-servers can be plugged in at any time should the need arise.
2. Most providers will provide details of their network topology and explain what service can be expected in various times of the day.
3. They can be used to obtain information on network topology, policy, and interconnection information in order to construct routing tables.
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4. The network topology within each LAN is flexible.
5. Due to any change in a power system network topology, it will cause a change in the admittance matrix.
6. A network topology discovery algorithm based on breadth - first is introduced.
7. A test is made based on a simple network topology module in the end.
8. The input, output and network topology for the multilayer feedforward network decision-making model are also stated.
9. Router E has to recompute the network topology.
10. All sub - network topology information is aggregated by the cooperation of mobile agents.
11. Artificial spider-web is a network topology framework, which is proposed based on behavior research of spiders.
12. We propose a new way to form the network topology for road traffic.
13. The generalized Hypercube is an important network topology for parallel processing computer system.
14. This thesis accesses distributed computation upon network topology by using the technology of XML data object.
15. When the network topology changes, switches and bridges recompute the spanning-tree and cause a disruption in network traffic.
16. Network topology information is useful for network administration and planning.
17. From the data collection, to the triangle network topology construction, and the formation of grid unit, finally obtained the coal geology, accurate elevation revealed.
18. In the paper, a network topology model and an arithmetic based on it are presented, which are applied in OSPF protocol testing.
19. We investigate the effect of network topology on the critical coupling parameters in mutual synchronization phenomenon.
20. So the algorithm can primely adapt to the dynamic change of network topology.
21. The demonstration part is made up of the corporation general situation, system plan, function antitype, logical modules, and network topology.
22. The algorithm does not require the information of the whole network topology.
23. During designing process, illustration and conjunction matrix are used for validating the network topology structure.
24. This paper mainly discusses the backbone design of Guiyang educational metropolitan area network, including network topology, fiber network, route design, network devices and network expansion, etc.
25. An on - line software is designed to monitor electric power network stability sections using real - time network topology.
26. Using the method of combining hop count and ETX can avoid routing cycle and build up the network topology quickly.
27. They are also all on the same physical and logical network, although there are no limitations on the network topology that you can use to install Lotus Symphony.
28. In reactive power optimization, the solution infeasibility may arise due to a variety of reasons such as restrictive voltage limits, change in network topology, and shortage of reactive power sources.
29. Multi-mode information collaboration and information exchange on the same single node, among different nodes and isolated nodes, as well as network topology are presented.
30. When clustering was introduced to WebSphere MQ, the retronym point-to-point network was used to differentiate between a cluster and the classic MQ network topology.
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