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Neoliberalism in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-10-22Updated:2017-10-22
Similar words: liberalismliberalistliberalisationliberalizeliberalityliberalizationtrade liberalizationliberalMeaning: n. a political orientation originating in the 1960s; blends liberal political views with an emphasis on economic growth. 
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1, The winds of neo-liberalism are blowing a gale through Prague.
2, But it also reflects a tension within post-Thatcherite ideology between conservatism and neo-liberalism.
3, Neoliberalism has been disgraced on a world scale and the haute bourgeoisie has lost some of its confidence.
4, Luck had it that liberalism, or neo-liberalism, has since come into vogue.
5, Decentralisation and participatory budgeting challenge neoliberalism.
6, Neoliberalism is not responsible for all the problems of the world economy.
7, "Now, in many places, neoliberalism has been rejected because it was not successful,(" Garcia said.
8, He credits Islam and neoliberalism as the forces that keep its many people living harmoniously in close quarters.
9, And yet, neoliberalism is still the only language used by European politicians to confront the crisis and to face the social conflicts that will break out over the next few months.
10, He blamed the global crisis on neoliberalism, or "free-market fundamentalism—and excessive greed".
11, Neoliberalism holds that even under the state of anarchy, nation-states can still alleviate and even eliminate "security dilemma" through international institutions.
12, The nature of neoliberalism is the instrument of interest of international monopoly capitalism.
13, Neoliberalism is worldwide - it is the reason you no longer have a job, it is the reason you cannot afford healthcare, education, food, your mortgage.
14, Neorealism and neoliberalism are the great schools in western international relations theory. Their theoretical historical places stem from ceaseless arguments and integration.
15, Neorealism and Neoliberalism are the two great schools in western international relations theory.
16, Neoliberalism has only accelerated these processes at the heart of capitalist society.
17, The politics of civil society: Neoliberalism or social left?
18, You might think of Empire in this sense as the adequate political form to the global regime of neoliberalism.
19, If this is the result of making capitalism more and more focused on finance over the last few decades, then it is from its crisis that we must find a way out of neoliberalism, which is its main cause.
20, Anarchy and complex interdependence are the core concepts of neoliberalism and neorealism, which are the basis of the theory.
21, Globalization really exists objectively, but the objectivity is inseparable from the ideological strategy of neoliberalism.
22, What if, in reality, this economic order were no more than the implementation of a utopia - the utopia of neoliberalism - thus converted into a political problem?
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