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Necking in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-07-17Updated:2017-07-17
Similar words: deckingcheckingchecking accountcheck-incheck inneck or nothingpickinglockingMeaning: [nek] n. 1. the molding at the top of a column 2. affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs). 
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1. The two of them were necking on a park bench.
2. I found myself behind a curtain, necking with my best friend'swife.
3. They sat talking and necking in the car for another ten minutes.
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4. The two kids stayed by the doors, necking.
5. Jemma found her friends necking in the back of the car.
6. Samantha starts necking Bob, and then starts necking me.
7. We started necking on the sofa, and she undressed, and suggested the bedroom.
8. Necking, petting, become gratifying enough pastimes and I am lucky with the boys in my life.
9. He reverted to the stage of church camp necking.
10. The diffuse necking and localized necking in the tensile testing of sheet is proved through reseau strain analysis.
11. The multiple necking fracture distribution on the circumference yields to random Poisson distribution.
12. Necking & petting can progress into something else.
13. There are some teenagers in the back room necking.
14. The other caught them at some heavy necking in the closet.
15. In order to reduce the necking effect of gabion mesh and lateral deformation during pull-out test, special clamping system was developed.
16. A new mechanism for localized necking formation in terms of new slip system generation is proposed.
17. They were necking in the backseat of her father's car.
18. I avoided them as fas as possible when they were necking.
19. But, somewhat to Henry's disappointment, number 47 did not start necking with the bodywork.
20. Mechanical test results showed when the content of PPC was up to 20%, the yielding point, necking and strain-whitening could be observed during tensile process.
21. But the stress - strain relationship is in complex stress condition after the necking starts.
22. The parisian look forward to dinner as a mississippian looks forward to his evening necking of the scripture.
23. Next week in the face, also was expected to extend current necking down market.
24. The Parisians look forward to dinner as a Mississippian looks forward to his evening necking of the Scriptures.
25. Meanwhile the author has presented its own ideal of material budget for necking down forming method as well as the precautions.
26. At this point, tensile fracture partially occurred, as evidenced by some apparent necking.
27. The experimental results have showed that the deformation of polymer in macro cold tension stage is the accumulation and concentration of local deformation in the step of necking down and propagation.
28. If this arc voltage saltation information can be extracted, we will get the characteristic information of necking down formation.
29. The typical salt tectonic styles include salt cored anticlines, allochthonous salt, salt pillows, salt(fault) welds, salt necking, salt-associated depressions and "fish-tail"structures.
30. Of course, the most famous vampire of all remains Bram Stoker's Dracula, the shadowy, insidious Transylvanian count all too fond of necking.
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