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Natrium in a sentence

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1. These startledstayed in the wooden natrium field battlement - to remember?
2. The patient natrium metabolization that chronic kidney declines includes sodium to be short of estrangement natrium retention mussily two respects.
3. It contains RO, natrium filter, ultra filter, micron milter multi-medium milter activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, ozone processor etc.
4. The clew of hematic natrium pelter of unidentified reason is measured into fluid overmuch, input moisture especially overmuch, cause disease of blood of attenuant sex low natrium.
5. Does loose natrium of head Bao music treat lymphatic infection?
6. Methods: We adopted the cough experiment with natrium citricum to observe the effect on relieving cough of guinea-pig.
7. The medicine of what property is saltpetre general natrium? What should medicine notice with this?
8. The paper introduces the application of chromic flotsam natrium bisulfate in the course of neutralization and pre acidification in industry of chromic acid anhydride.
9. Hydrochloric acid and chlorous natrium are used as primary reactant to give out the gas of chlorine dioxide.
10. Before saltpetre general natrium can reduce a heart, hind bear,( increase heartbeat to give an amount.
11. Conclusion Natrium hyaluronic acid could reduce the degree of intestinal adhesion after enterolysis.
12. The company grasps humanist, the broad natrium is virtuous , collection field one group of outstanding people.
13. The alkali without natrium synthesizes separate n amizeolite colloid and the alkali with natrium forms the congeries .
14. We are used to sanitize the sewage by liquid chlorine and natrium chlorite.
15. First, 1,4-diphenyibutane can be obtained by bromobenzene and 1,4-diphenylbutane at the present of natrium and diethyl ether A.
16. There are inclusions around the crack and crack face, and the inclusion's composition contains the natrium and potassium element which are the character element in mold slag.
17. In this psper we studied the absorption effect of moroxydine hydrochloride by natrium montmorillonite, acid montmorillonite, Zhejiang montmorillonite.
18. Only treat the primary disease, control the intake of natrium and kalium, note the stability of glycemia and the balance of liquid in control group.
19. This paper presents a simple expression for solving higher equation of Natrium Spectrum experiment.
20. If have seriousHypertensiveOr heart failure, should as early as possible dialytic in order to eliminate redundant water, natrium, prevent kidney function to worsen further.
21. It is suitable for home a nd office. Hydrochloric acid and chlorous natrium are used as primary reactant to give out the gas of chlorine dioxide.
22. Element of sweetness of the abuse in children food and saccharin natrium phenomenon are serious.
23. The mortality is obviously higher in the hypernatremia patients than in the normal natrium patients.
24. In this paper, the specific resistance of liquid duality natrium Kalium alloy is calculated by using the theory of Ziman - Faber.
25. Modified polymerized sulphate flocculating agent was made with ferrous sulphate heptahydrate, sulphate acid, natrium chlorate etc.
26. Drink according to the circumstance with bicarbonate sodium, lactic acid natrium or methylic and amino firedamp treats 3 hydroxide.
27. Executing animal and taking material: weighting animal, abdominal anaesthesia by pentobarbital natrium, perfusion by heparin and physiological saline.
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