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Nativism in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2017-02-08Updated:2017-02-08
Similar words: activistnativefanaticismnationalismalternativeimaginativelyalternativelyalternative medicineMeaning: ['neɪtɪvɪzm] n. 1. the policy of perpetuating native cultures (in opposition to acculturation) 2. (philosophy) the philosophical theory that some ideas are innate. random good picture
1. "West centralism" and "Nativism" are two opposite orientation in the development of higher education under the context of globalization.
2. The nativism and specialization of Chinese market industry are preconditions for China to compete with developed countries in this field , while t...
3. Nativism is the rational selection for the third sector on the view of relationship between government and the third sector.
4. Therefore China"s eco-ethic must follow the nativism way."
5. He appealed to his country's nativism.
6. "Nativism" or "Localization" has been one of Taiwan's most important cultural trends since 1990s.
7. But then the Republican-dominated House wrecked the whole thing in a fit of crude nativism.
8. In Maharashtra, for example,[] it has adopted a less rabid brand of nativism than Shiv Sena's.
9. As it is, national proper pride, of long standing Islamic legal cultures and relatively backward social productivities decided nativism in operating the procedural system.
10. The reader is encouraged to follow up on the research cited and assess the plausibility of linguistic nativism for him or herself: whether language is innate or not is, after all, an empirical issue.
11. In contrast, the U. S. , despite occasional fits of nativism, remains remarkably successful at integrating cultures from around the globe.
12. Critics who branded the book as a work of undisguised nativism missed an essential point.
13. Although the Montessori's education method was spread into China in the beginning of 20th century, it is spread widely and made practical research on it's nativism after the 80's of 20lh century .
14. Higham, John. Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism, 1860-1925. 1963.
15. Humbolt's theory of language competence greatly influenced Chomsky's proposal of nativism, and the contextual relationship between the two theories can be clearly perceived.
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