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Nationalism in a sentence

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Similar words: nationalinternationalzonationdonationeducationalorganizationaljournalismnationMeaning: ['næʃnəlɪzm] n. 1. love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it 2. the doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other 3. the aspiration for national independence felt by people under foreign domination 4. the doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals. 
1. Xenophobic nationalism is on the rise in some West European countries.
2. Nationalism was rapidly becoming a dangerous force.
3. Big business will never let petty nationalism get in the way of a good deal.
4. Under his leadership, a strong sense of nationalism emerged.
5. I think we'd better leave the subject of Nationalism.
6. The country was gripped by a frenzy of nationalism.
7. This kind of fierce nationalism is a powerful and potentially volatile force.
8. The novel is really a dissection of nationalism.
9. There is something about nationalism in this book, but I can't find the place.
10. Nationalism is an immensely powerful force.
11. His book describes the growth of nationalism in Germany before the Second World War.
12. Nationalism is linked to deep-rooted human instincts and can not be easily ascribed to clever politicians.
13. This despite the fact that the eventual outcomes, nationalism and defence of territory, are quite similar.
14. Nationalism - from Prague to Paris, from Berlin to Budapest - is a potent, perilous brew.
15. How does nationalism relate to human survival?
16. A spirit of nationalism, national self-conscious ness, and loyalty to constituted authority were in embryonic evidence.
17. Boer nationalism merely erected a massive legislative panoply for racial discrimination.
18. The spread of nationalism into rural areas also reflected the economic transformation that had taken place since 1967.
19. Yet the high tide of nationalism was still to come, from two World Wars and the colonial revolution.
20. Nationalism is a poison that has caused much suffering.
21. The creation of independent states has led to a resurgence of nationalism.
22. There are two serious faults in Hobsbawm's discussion of nationalism.
23. His speech presented racist ideas under the guise of nationalism.
24. The book documents the rise of the political right with its accompanying strands of nationalism and racism.
25. It was easy, therefore, to touch the sensitive nerve of nationalism.
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26. Crell in particular had no scruples about playing on his countrymen's cultural nationalism for the development of the fatherland's chemistry.
27. However, religious identity had taken second place to secular nationalism for a whole generation.
28. Apart from anything else, by both thwarting and manipulating nationalism, it prevented it from learning its limits.
29. The connection between language and lineage can, however, be prised apart in order to combat crude nationalism.
30. A more likely and lasting target, however, will be a demonised view of nationalism.
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