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Nadir in a sentence

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Antonym: zenithSimilar words: Canadiandiredirtdirtydirectin advancedirectordirectedMeaning: ['neɪ‚dər /-dɪə] n. 1. an extreme state of adversity; the lowest point of anything 2. the point below the observer that is directly opposite the zenith on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected. random good picture
1. At the nadir of her career, she was given a great encouragement by his marrying her.
2. Company losses reached their nadir in 1992.
3. 1945 to 1946 was the nadir of Truman's presidency.
4. This failure was the nadir of her career.
5. By 1932, the depression had reached its nadir .
6. The defeat was the nadir of her career.
7. But that is compared with the Tory nadir of1997.
8. When they were at their nadir there would be a transformation.
9. It was the nadir of his career.
10. Britain is at a nadir in its history as a liberal democracy.
11. It was 42 points off at its nadir.
12. At its nadir in 1983(, the Alameda colony had only 3 nesting pairs.
13. Mr Nadir faced trial in September on charges of theft and false accounting.
14. The tsar's fortunes had reached their nadir.
15. Father's Day was the nadir.
16. David fam 185 due nadir wednesday 27 th please meet there.
17. His fortune was at its nadir.
18. It felt as if we had traveled from nadir to zenith.
19. The fact that, though they had been pared,( no fewer than 13 charges still awaited Mr Nadir is discouraging.
20. If the field continues to decay at its present rate, it will reach its nadir in some 1, 200 years.
21. The judgement from on high was six days' heavy rain. Father's Day was the nadir.
22. The relationship between the Soviet Union's two dominant politicians here reached its nadir.
23. This, not his ethical problems, caused the steepest dive in his national popularity, to its current nadir.
24. On 4 October 1406, when Henry's government was at its nadir, he finally became keeper of the Privy Seal.
25. In the meantime, the amount that capital exits has fallen to in recent years nadir.
26. Some attempts were made to liberalise the economy in the mid-Eighties but the whole system hit its nadir in 1991.
27. Trouble is, no one ever knows until much later when the market has reached its nadir.
28. Arterial compliance was calculated as the integrated area starting at the well-defined nadir of the incisura of the dicrotic notch to the end of diastole of the radial artery pulse wave .
29. In November, the dollar fell to a record low against the euro, a 26-year nadir against the British pound and a level not seen in a century versus the Canadian dollar.
30. And on a trade weighted basis, the American currency has hit yet another nadir.
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