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Mycoplasma in a sentence

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Similar words: plasmaneoplasmcytoplasmectoplasmendoplasmprotoplasmhyaloplasmplasma membraneMeaning: n. any of a group of small parasitic bacteria that lack a cell walls and can survive without oxygen; can cause pneumonia and urinary tract infection. 
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1. On the other hand, Mycoplasma infection was found in an abnormally high proportion of people with the syndrome.
2. Mycoplasma genital infection and of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of or cervicitis relevant, besides can cause prostatitis, epididymitis and infertility, etc.
3. Mycoplasma mainly exists in human and animal sinus tract mucous membrane, can cause prostatitis, of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of, the epididymitis, infertility, etc.
4. Dissolves the urea urea original body, the person mycoplasma, the reproductive organ mycoplasma is the normal crowd uropoiesis, the genital tract common parasitic fungus, but may the pathogenesis.
5. Such as Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Haemophilus parasuis and other virus diseases.
6. More then 80 % mycoplasma is susceptibility to doxycycline ( DOX ), azithromycin ( AZI ), roxithromyin ( ROX ).
7. Purpose To make sure the incidence of pneumonic mycoplasma.
8. This kind of mycoplasma may cause the uropoiesis, the genital tract infection, like non-gonococcus urethritis, feminine vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, masculine prostatitis and so on.
9. Price: 60 yuan, chlamydia and mycoplasma check around 150 yuan.
10. Conclusion Mycoplasma pneumonia can supervene with atelectasis.
11. Pathogenicity is the important factor that mycoplasma infection need treatment.
12. He ran a lot of tests and it turned out I had an infection called mycoplasma.
13. Rapid and accurate diagnostic testing capabilities for agents such as Mycoplasma are lacking in the United States.
14. Conclusions: The main causes of chronic cough in children were mycoplasma pneumoniae infection, cough variant asthma, tuberculosis and postnasal drip syndrome.
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15. Can cause human of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of mainly have the solution of urea mycoplasma, people type mycoplasma, reproductive mycoplasma.
16. Objective:To compare the effects and adverse reactions of intravenous azithromycin(AT), kitasamycin(KT)and erythromycin(ET)in treating children's infection caused by mycoplasma pneumonia(MP).
17. Through the medicine sensitive experiment's result, may infect the patient for the mycoplasma chlamydia to write the prescription target-oriented, provides personalized the therapeutic schedule.
18. We have developed 3 kind products, such as Diagnostic kit of Chlamydia, Culture Medium And Identification kit for Gonococcus and Culture Medium For Mycoplasma.
19. Pediatric pneumonia refers to lung inflammation caused by Chlamydia , mycoplasma, mycetes and etc.
20. No cases were all infected with gonorrhea, chlamydia and mycoplasma.
21. To construct the prokaryotic expression vector carrying the intact the structural gene of P30 protein in Mycoplasma pneumoniae and to express this gene in E.
22. To observe the pathohistology of a Kunming mouse infected with mycoplasma suis.
23. Objective : To compare the affection of different primers to detect Mycoplasma pneumonia ( Mp ).
24. Conclusion The main reason of secondary barrenness after drug miscarriage was the tubal obstruction resulted from inflammation, especially chlamydozoon and mycoplasma infection.
25. Leukocytosis and eosinophil granulocytosis were 78.3% and 73.9% respectively. 17.4% of all cases were complicated with Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydi trachomatis infection.
26. Methods: Cervical discharge from 600 pregnant women and the urethra secretion from the partners of those who were positive with C. trachomatis and Mycoplasma antigens by immunoflurescent method.
27. The viruses are very simple constructed compared to even a mycoplasma cell.
28. Josamycin and Doxycycline Hyclate can be used for treating the endocervical mycoplasma infection safely and effectively.
29. AIM : To observe the infection and drug resistance of mycoplasma in female venereal patients.
30. According to the prevailing characteristic, clinical symptom, pathology change and diagnosis of laboratory, we can diagnose it as Infectious pleuropneumonia which is caused by mycoplasma.
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