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Mycelium in a sentence

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Sentence count:59Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: heliumepitheliummycenaeaniliumvaliumciliumthalliumtrilliumMeaning: [maɪ'sɪːlɪəm] n. the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching threadlike hyphae. random good picture
(1) Pseudomonas fluorescent M 18 can efficiently inhibit the mycelium growth stem blight ( Mycosphaeralla melons ) in vitro.
(2) Hygromycin B resistance was studied on the mycelium and protoplast of Lentinula edodes and Pleurotus ostreatus.
(3) The mycelium of strain Me 12 is brown, and the mycelium of strain Me 11 is white.
(4) The hyphae can fuse and form a heterocaryotic mycelium.
(5) Substrate mycelium of target pathogens suppressed with antagonistic actinomyces had been deformed or lysed and the degree of deformation were potentiated as prolonging the antagonistic.
(6) The mycelium interfaces between plant roots and nutrients, creating vast networks of underground communication and sharing of resources.
(7) The morphology of resting structure of mycelium could be used to identify the species, and the electrophoretogram of esterase isoenzymes could help in their identification.
(8) The endophytic mycelium is a new microorganism resource with the potential pharmaceutical value.
(9) The inulinase activity increased paralleled by the mycelium growth.
(10) GF polyphenol was extracted from Grifola frondosa mycelium and its pharmacological functions were determined in this paper.
(11) The mycelium growth of resistant mutants and their parents exhibited difference.
(12) When a white mycelium develops, the cubes, are aged in salted rice wine.
(13) In the test of mycelium constraint, the antiseptic combination has obvious preventative effect on rice blast fungus, rice false smut fungus and rice sheath blight fungus.
(14) Compared with the tangled mass of filaments that form the mycelium of most growing fungi, the Laboulbeniales appear decidedly non-fungal.
(15) Hypha (pl. hyphae) In fungi, a fine nonphotosynthetic tubular filament that spreads to form a loose network termed a mycelium or aggregates into fruiting bodies (e. g. toadstools).
(16) Hyphae grow and branch to form a filamentous network called a mycelium.
(17) In addition, the extract of M. arvensis could inhibit the growth of fungal mycelium.
(18) The fruiting test found that those who can fruiting single spore strains, the dense gas Health mycelium developed, fast growing and will be a large number of chlamydospore.
(19) And what they're doing in our equipment is going through a continuous system which cleans cooks cools and pasteurizes these materials while also continuously inoculating them with our mycelium.
(20) Traditional methods could not meet the needs for the study of classic identification and genetic diversity of Cg, because Cg only formed infertile mycelium and sclerotium without sexual period.
(21) Under the deep liquid fermentation condition, the expanded ends extended directly to thicker mycelium, or the expanded head contracted to baculiform body, and a few myc...
(22) For example, there is much to do in realizing in situ broken of mycelium of the PS evagination , applying flow cytometer in the detection methods for apoptosis of filamentous fungi.
(23) The solid fermentation conditions of Boletus edulis through soybean residue were studied. The results showed that Boletus edulis mycelium can grow well in the bean residue.
(24) Objective To investigate the method and optimum conditions of Tricholoma matsutake mycelium fermentation.
(25) The effect of carbon and nitrogen sources, pH and temperature on the growth of Pleurotus nebrodensis mycelium was evaluated using monofactorial and orthogonal testing.
(26) In order to reach a higher productivity level of mycelium and exopolysaccharide, L934 orthogonal experiments on fermentation with Schizophyllum commune were carried out in 7L fermentor .
(27) Molds can be identified as to spore type and shape, type of sporangia , and type of mycelium, as shown in Figure 3 and Table 2.
(28) The fifth day is the logarithm stage for the mycelium growth.
(29) The effects of heat shock on the conidial germination, colony growth, colony and mycelium morphology of Setosphaeria turcica were analyzed in this paper.
(30) Take foramen magnum resin D101 to separate polysaccharide from the zymotic fluid of Cordyceps mycelium, the phenol-SO2 method to measure polysaccharide in sample.
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