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Multiprogramming in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: programmingreprogrammingcomputer programmingprogramming languagestructured programmingmultiprocessingprogrammeprogrammerMeaning: n. the execution of two or more computer programs by a single computer. 
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1. In multiprogramming, the environment in which high priority programs are executed.
2. In multiprogramming priority programs are executed.
3. For example, assume a multiprogramming environment with a round - robin CPU - scheduling algorithm.
4. A multiprogramming operating system builds on this base, adding modules to manage processor time, main memory space, and peripheral devices.
5. In multiprogramming, the conditions under which low - priority programs are executed.
6. This technique is known as multiprogramming.
7. In some multiprogramming systems, a value used to define or limit the access rights of programs.
8. Performance is increased by attempting to keep CPU and I/O devices busy at all times through buffering, off-line operation, spooling, and multiprogramming.
9. Some key issues of this technique, including interrupt simulation, exception handling and the construction of multiprogramming environment, are also elaborated.
10. A term used with respect to programs in a multiprogramming ( often, virtual storage ) system.
11. The distribution of memory areas or peripheral units to a specific program in a multiprogramming computer.
12. Computers are so fast that a human being cannot effectively make such real- time choices. On most multiprogramming system, the processor's time is managed by an operating system module.
13. An executive program that controls the activities of independent programs in a multiprogramming or time - shared system .
14. In some systems, a classification of jobs in a multiprogramming environment that are neither"foreground"(high priority) nor"background"(low priority).
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15. Pertaining to a unit of code, data, file, page, segment ETC. in a multiprogramming system is available to two or more concurrent programs.
16. It provides a detailed description in algorithm and proposed a multiprogramming approach in program structure.
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