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Multiplexer in a sentence

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Sentence count:65Posted:2018-01-03Updated:2018-01-03
Similar words: multiplexmultiplexingmultiplemultiple myelomamultiple sclerosismultiplymultipliermultipliedMeaning: ['mʌltɪpleksə(r)] n. a device that can interleave two or more activities. 
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1. By using the method, the digital multiplexer networks being designed can be simplified to minimal tree-type networks. The example given in the paper shows that the method is effect...
2. The remaining traffic passes straight through the multiplexer without additional processing.
3. Drag to indicate the location of a video multiplexer.
4. By using the method, the digital multiplexer networks being designed can be simplified to minimal tree-type networks.
5. Radiation hardened and ESD protected 64-channel analog multiplexer module.
6. The multiplexer can output RS coded stream and has E2 interface. It has extended function of data scrambling.
7. Experiments show that this data multiplexer is reliable and significant for localization of modern digital power line carrier in China.
8. This layer acts as the data multiplexer for all other layers.
9. The analog channel is controlled by multiplexer.
9. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
10. The simulation result shows that the multiplexer can integrate the functions of storing and multiplexing payload data flexibly with low rate of hardware resource utilization.
11. By using the method, the digital multiplexer networks being designed can be simplified to minimal tree-type networks. The example given in the paper shows that the meth...
12. Precision, 8-channel, high-performance, CMOS analog multiplexer.
13. Dual 8-channel, low-leakage, CMOS analog multiplexer.
14. A thought of time-division multiplexing for multiplexer is introduced, and an improvement scheme of TS multiplexer is put forward.
15. Where more than one channel is provided for, the device is question will incorporate some form of analogue multiplexer.
16. This is a measure of the isolation between any two chan - nels on a multiplexer switch card.
17. This paper investigates bandwidth allocation algorithm suitable to the AAL2 packet voice multiplexer, which takes into consideration the features and quality of service of AAL2 packet voice.
18. Drag onto the page to add a 2 - channel multiplexer or demultiplexer.
19. A device that recovers as output signals, each of the signals combined by a preceding multiplexer.
20. This method is prior to common measure in resource use and control disposal, and provides a certain reference for designing multiplexer with higher performance.
21. In this paper, a novel hybrid passive component with a wavelength division multiplexer and a polarization insensitive optical isolator for an erbium doped amplifier is reported.
22. A conclusion is drawn that for the AAL2 packet voice multiplexer without bit dropping, the UAS model can be used to analyze the probability of packet loss due to buffer overflow with great accuracy.
23. Automatic measure and calibration system is developed for 3595 multiplexer used in spacecraft environment test.
24. The output characteristics also make the AD590 easy to multiplex: the current can be switched by a CMOS multiplexer or the supply voltage can be switched by a logic gate output.
25. This article presents an abstraction that can solve the problem: a signal multiplexer.
26. The design principles of both hardware and software is described in detail for an intelligent multiplexer channel engine analyser.
27. This paper introduced how to realize SDH mapping and multiplexing in SDH Add_Drop Multiplexer with a new SDH mapping device which supports 21 E1 ports.
28. Inverters 505 and 506 are coupled together in series between NAND gate 403 at VIN and a second input of multiplexer 510 to form a second delay path.
29. Using PIC single chip computer, the system can make real-time detection to multiplexer channel leak sensor signals and deal with them, then send the result to computer to make decision.
30. The triangle, square, and sine waves are input to a multiplexer.
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