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Multi-color in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-04-15Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: multicolormulticoloredmulti-coloredmulticolourmulticolouredmulti-colouredmulticollinearitymulticulturalMeaning: adj. having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly. 
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1 We keep a little multicolored kitten in the house.
2 Multicolored volcanic ash flows, long since hardened to jagged rock, reach into the sea like fantastic taffy mountains.
3 I turned the multicolored selector over and over again in my hands, treating the cards like rosary beads.
4 No visible flesh on her face, her eyelashes a single panel,[] her mouth covered with multicolored lipstick.
5 I saw them amid showers of the brilliant, multicolored dust that was thrown into the air.
6 It could disappear into the whirring computers and multicolored flow charts of the economic miracle.
7 Scores of festive, multicolored hexagons surround my photo.
8 These multi-color contain lead, mercury, heavy metals and so on, mothers applied, may enter the fetal circulation through the body and affect fetal development.
9 This tall, multi-color topper would have fit in perfectly among the other elaborate hats that made an appearance at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.
10 The company now has five multi-color intaglio printing machine and a hot transfer printed cloth production lines, printing chromatic number to seven-color maximum.
11 The multi-color LED ice bucket. It can be used in a single static (fixed) color or simply press the remote control to produce color changing effects.
12 The structures and fabricating technologies of multi-color TFEL display are introduced too.
13 INCREASED EXPRESSIVENESS combination of chenille embroidery with multi-color flat embroidery has realized high precision and higher value-added mixed embroidery .
14 There are now mainstream OLED screen, can support multi-color LED with a luminescent screen point.
15 Those who sell and buy multi-color copying machines shall obtain the ratification of the public security bureau and put them into proper use.
16 BACKGROUND AND AIM: Multi-color fluorescence in situ hybridization(MFISH) was employed to evaluate the frequency of aneuploid sperm in patients with asthenospermia.
17 Stationery and art design: Polypropylene Hollow Sheet has multi-color, suitable for art design and various pattern box or delicate gift pack.
18 A pair of buffalo horns and a cowboy hat were set above backlit, multi-colored bottles on shelves.
19 The product is a kind of solid performance, a very excellent multi-color multi-amine-ene-fixing agent can be used for fixing reactive dyes.
20 Alluvial gold in eastern county of natural forest, with a total area of 36 mu, there are 20 scenic spots in various sizes, numerous rock formations, streams multi-color, forget it.
21 The basic versions only allow one color, but the multi-color provides white, green, blue and red on a black background.
22 Disperse dye microcapsules were applied in thermosol dyeing, transfer printing, multi-color and multi-dot printing and double sided printings.
23 Brand-new blusher is with fresh and healthy color stick on cheek well. Make up a lovely face. By light application. Multi-color is suitable for different complexion.
24 You can go with all one color, mix it up a bit, or go for a full blown multi-color bonanza.
25 This machine is used for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE Rolling Paper etc with good printing performance of rolling material for multi-color continuous printing.
26 This product is made of resin powder and 4-ester. It has the characters of high insulating ability, alkali and acid proof, flexibility multi-color and is used to tie up all kinds of electric wires.
27 In these cities each kind of group or party communicates with each other and has been assimilated consequently it creates the multi-color city culture.
28 Based on customers' demands, servomotors can be assembled to the machine to make an automatically chromatical multi-color press.
29 Speediness installation, legerty durable , carring expedience, special material, durable concision, completely specification, multi-color, silk-screen stay bar, steel or aluminum .
30 Wax printing ( batiks ), a pattern print technology by drawing on cloths with wax, maple resin or paraffin wax as drawing materials, and it is of two kinds: single color and multi-color.
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