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Mucin in a sentence

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Similar words: mucilagemucilaginousleucinereducinginducingsaucinessproducinghallucinateMeaning: n. a nitrogenous substance found in mucous secretions; a lubricant that protects body surfaces. 
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1) Colonic mucins are also highly sulphated, more so in fact than mucins produced elsewhere in the gastrointestinal tract.
2) They produce neutral mucin and develop into a new small gland.
3) Certainly smoking stimulates mucin secretion by the respiratory tract mucosa, probably by a direct irritant effect.
4) The tumor is characterized by lakes of stromal mucin containing scant malignant epithelial cells.
5) These results indicate a synergetic degradation of mucin by S. sanguis and S. mutans in mixed chemism culture.
6) A PAS stain demonstrates mucin within the Paget's cells of Paget's disease of the breast.
7) The deposition of mucin in the follicle was demonstrated by Alcian blue staining.
8) This mucin stain of the wall of the aorta demonstrates cystic medial necrosis(, typical for Marfan's syndrome and causes the connective tissue weakness that explains the aortic dissection.
9) To investigate the expression of MUC 1 mucin in ovarian carcinoma and its clinical significance.
10) The neutral mucopolysaccharide or mucin seems to be the common chemical component of the spermatophore.
11) Moreover, FOS increased fecal mucin excretion and mucin concentrations in cecal and colonic contents, and in cecal mucosa before infection.
12) Fetal squames , lanugo hair , vernix, and mucin can embolize to small pulmonary arteries.
13) Histopathological examination revealed mucin deposition in the upper dermis.
14) Objective To explore the relationship between expression of mucin MUC5AC and MUC6 and pathological types and biological behavior of gastric signet ring cell carcinoma.
15) Mucin concentrations in intestinal contents and mucosa were measured fluorimetrically, as markers of mucosal irritation.
16) Recent evidence suggests, however,[] that nicotine inhibits gall bladder bile mucin concentration.
17) Blood group factor H has been reported to blind preferentially to endothelial cells as well as intestinal mucins and other glycoproteins.
18) The tumor cells often have intracytoplasmic vacuoles representing small vascular lumina, and which may resemble mucin.
19) Airway mucus is composed of water , ions, lung secretions , serum protein transudates, and mucin glycoproteins ( mucins ).
20) The lymph node state and the histological type are important factors in the prognosis of the patients with mucinous breast carcinoma. The amount of mucin is of no apparent prognostic significance.
21) While "unidentifiable" debris is often found, documented cases of AFE frequently detect mucin, vernix, lanugo hairs, and squamous and trophoblastic cells.
22) In our research, we set up the models of SD rats chronic airway inflammation, and observe the effect of eucalyptus globulus oil on chronic airway inflammation and mucin hypersecretion.
23) Authors measured serum Ca, P, Mg, K, Na, Cl, nonprotein nitrogen and mucin of 8 serum in urolithiasis sheep and health sheep separately.
24) Please note that degenerated mesothelial cells can have cytoplasmic spaces, mimicking mucin vacuoles in adenocarcinoma.
25) Many of the neoplastic cells have clear vacuoles of mucin.
26) Significant decrease in the number of tracheal epithelia goblet cells, secretion of mucin were observed in ipratropium bromide and atropine treated rats.
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