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Mow down in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-09-22Updated:2017-09-22
Synonym: massacreslaughterSimilar words: bow downlow-downshowdownslowdownslow downblow downthrow downnarrow downMeaning: v. kill a large number of people indiscriminately. 
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1. She was mown down on a pedestrian crossing.
2. They had mowed down the long grass in the field.
3. Gunmen mowed down 10 people in one attack.
4. The gunmen opened fire, mowing down at least seven people.
5. The front row of soldiers were mown down by machinegun fire.
6. The soldiers were mown down by machine - gun fire.
7. Three shoppers were mown down this afternoon when a drunken driver lost control of his car.
8. The lorry's brakes failed, and it mowed down several people in the bus queue.
9. He was sentenced to two years in prison for mowing down a nine-year old girl.
10. The woman suffered head injuries after she was mowed down by a car which mounted the pavement.
11. The enemy was mowed down in heaps.
12. Mr Letts tried to block their escape route and was mown down.
13. Submachine guns mowed down students by the hundreds[], perhaps by the thousands.
14. That night an army of street-cleaning machines invades Ninth Avenue from the north, mowing down anything in their paths.
15. Wendy and I were at once amused and embarrassed, but also concerned lest he be mown down by a passing train.
16. They munch native marine life, mow down food supplies and occupy territory, Carlton said.
17. At sunrise, the sickening reality dawned that bullets, his bullets, had mown down human beings.
18. And was he mown down by the fork-lift truck as a result?
19. Allows you to mow down your opponents.
20. We have to mow down the long grass regularly.
21. We shall have to mow down the tall grass in the big field.
22. You must mow down the long grass in the big field.
23. Soviet crews used the tanks to mow down civilians and destroy whole villages.
24. Use your pistol to dispense with individual guards or your machine gun to mow down a line of enemies.
25. Western Coalition Rank 3: Ability to place a Rail Gun. Allows you to mow down your opponents.
26. And the sweet-talking greens who are always so quick to mow down GM plants in front of camera teams, have not exactly rushed to the side of these "travellers" to fight for their reinstatement.
27. No one could guarantee that the bots wouldn't go berserk and mow down friendly troops or otherwise malfunction, even though they have lots of safeguards.
28. Lang chose a tune from a propaganda flick about the Korean War, in which heroic and outnumbered Chinese troops mow down the American "jackal."
29. Only few reports on this weapon exist, as few survived the encounter with it, it is said it can mow down entire rows of soldiers within seconds.
30. I recently tested an electric motorcycle that plays a recording of a gas motorcycle, just so you don't mow down unsuspecting citizens sharing the roadway with you.
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