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Mosquito bite in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-11-06Updated:2017-11-06
Similar words: mosquitomosquitoesto bite offto bite the dustmesquitemosquejacobitetrilobiteMeaning: n. a sting inflicted by a mosquito. 
1. Are your mosquito bites still itching?
2. I was awake all night scratching my mosquito bites.
3. He was scratching his mosquito bites.
4. My eye had puffed up because of a mosquito bite.
5. Mosquito bites can make life miserable .
6. She dabbed calamine lotion on her mosquito bites.
7. I got a lot of mosquito bites last night.
8. A mosquito bit me on the neck and brought me back to my damp aluminum deck and the drizzle.
9. I asked Make-Up to give him a few mosquito bites but he refused point-blank.
10. I had several mosquito bites, and it was difficult not to scratch them.
11. After half an hour or so, spent scratching mosquito bites, I head over to see him.
12. Especially in children who get mosquito bites which become large and irritating.
13. My legs were covered in mosquito bites.
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14. We woke up to find ourselves covered in mosquito bites.
15. I got a mosquito bite right on the end of my nose.
16. The mosquito bite on his leg had swollen into a scarlet hillock.
17. These mosquito bites on my leg are itching like crazy.
18. Rub some onion to a bee sting, mosquito bite or any insect bite. After a few hours, the pain, itchiness and swelling will subside.
19. Why does mosquito bite to meet red?
20. The skin often loves to let mosquito bite, what method lets mosquito be not bitten?
21. How does the skin mosquito bite crosses leave scar to want to do?
22. It's just a mosquito bite. There's nothing to worry about.
23. He had an itchy toe from the mosquito bite.
24. How does dispel mosquito bite the scar that leave?
25. This patient was confirmed to be hypersensitive to mosquito bites by the mosquito bite test.
26. What medicine treats mosquito bite curative effect best '?
27. Swamp fever is infected by helminth when the mosquito bite people's body.
28. It's just a mosquito bite. Nothing to worry about.
29. Their plight made me feel rather guilty about my concern over the mosquito bites on my face.
30. She found a spot on Nowak's calf that was red and swollen like a severe mosquito bite.
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