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Mortgage debt in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-12-06Updated:2018-12-06
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1. Among young homeowners, the mortgage debt typically equals 78 percent of the house value.
2. Excluding mortgage debts, the average adult owed £1,000 in 1979 - today, he owes more like £2,250.
3. People threatened with repossession because of mortgage debts now make up one in seven of their cases.
4. Job fears and the mortgage debt trap are failing to halt the housing slump.
5. One priority is to encourage more downs of mortgage debt.
6. Consumer mortgage debt had barely budged through the middle of this year.
7. The nation's total residential mortgage debt outstanding rose by $1.176 trillion in that year, even though Fannie's and Freddie's stakes rose by only $169 billion(, just 14.4 percent of the total.
8. The mortgage debt in 1976 on all private homes was around $ 684,000 million.
9. Meanwhile, there is still more mortgage debt outstanding than there was five years ago, roughly $9.9 trillion, according to the Fed.
10. You can see that in the early 1950s mortgage debt was only something like 25% of personal consumption expenditure, but now it's up to about 100%.
11. A million families have insolvency hanging over them as their mortgage debts have grown greater than the values of their homes.
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12. The couple's flat in Wandsworth was worth £64,000 against a mortgage debt of £83,000 when the bank gave notice of repossession.
13. Borrowers were told that policies might not only clear their mortgage debt but might also give them an additional lump sum.
14. The guarantees give investors confidence to buy packages of mortgage debt, known as mortgage - backed securities.
15. Initially, the Fund will buy discounted pools of commercial mortgage debt and originate first mortgage and mezzanine loans on high-quality commercial real estate properties.
16. The new saving rate seems much more consistent with the continuing decline in consumer and mortgage debt outstanding.
17. One priority is to encourage more write - downs of mortgage debt.
18. Household net worth is assets, such as home equity, minus liabilities, such as mortgage debt.
19. There's also been much hand - wringing over ballooning mortgage debt.
20. Part of--this is the--it's not loan-to-value ratio-- this is the ratio of mortgage debt to personal consumption expenditure.
21. Ditto for credit card debt, and now, as we're seeing, ditto for commercial mortgage debt.
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