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Mormons in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2017-12-12Updated:2017-12-12
Similar words: mormonmormonismhormonecormorantfor monthshormonalrigor mortisvalue for moneyMeaning: ['mɔːmən] n. church founded by Joseph Smith in 1830 with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. random good picture
1. The Mormons soon joined in the action.
2. Yet it was precisely conservatives such as the Mormons who had blazed paths to the voting booths fifty years before.
3. After fleeing Illinois for Utah, the Mormons had always been obsessed with finding escape routes to the sea.
4. The Mormons sold food supplies to the booming mining communities in the Intermountain West.
5. Whether his parents were Mormons or Millerites or Myrmidons, who cared?
6. Any prophet could say that, but the Mormons had guns to back their claims on the Promised Land.
7. The Mormons were given the greatest boon a struggling movement can want, a martyr.
8. For a while an old friend of the Mormons, Thomas L.. Kane, mediated and held off an impatient government.
9. So the Mormons suddenly had a vision-blacks could now become priests.
10. Mormons sang and danced to fight off the bitter cold of Iowa in winter.
11. Mind you, not many Mormons would turn up at a Barbican flat at 7.30 clutching two bottles of wine.
12. An estimated 70,000 Mormons live in the Bay Area.
13. Rachel's parents are devout Mormons.
14. Mormons worked hard. They helped each other and shared with those in need.
15. Wave after wave of Mormons followed.
16. The church split when Joseph Smith said that Mormons could have more than one wife.
17. Mormons are a religious group founded in USA in 1830.
18. Leaving 6,000 in graves along the way, the Mormons were searching for religious freedom.
18. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
19. The Mormons, organizing themselves in response to a religious vision, practiced polygamy in all their settlements.
20. Mormons generally follow Christian precepts, but adhere to their own church founder, Joseph Smith, and a holy book, the Book of Mormon, which is separate from the Christian Bible.
21. Mormons believe the angel handed Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism , golden tablets.
22. Wedded as they are to traditional mores, Mormons tend to vote Republican.
23. Many Mormons like the idea that one of their own might become president.
24. We can say what the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslim believe.
25. I've learned that mainstream Mormons have complex feelings about this underground life.
26. Not only that, but at least half the land had been irrigated by Mormons.
27. While the Saints built their first temple, neighbors made life miserable and the Mormons neared bankruptcy.
28. Williams is working on a collaborative anthology on the relationship between Mormons and the land.
29. The emergence of a more fully developed Asiatic society among the Mormons had to await their exodus to the Intermountain West.
30. RUSSELL PEARCE is a tough-talking Mormon Republican from Mesa, Arizona, a bedroom community near Phoenix that was settled by Mormons and is a conservative stronghold.
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