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Montmorillonite in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-12-04Updated:2018-12-04
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1. The rapid conversion of montmorillonite and the mass formation of kaolinite are related to large-scale dissolution of clastic rock.
2. Montmorillonite forms when basic rocks such as volcanic ash in marine basins are altered.
3. These are: kaolinite, montmorillonite, illite, chlorite and vermiculite.
4. The effect of nanometer montmorillonite on properties of UF resin was explored.
5. With increasing urea[], the d 001 value ofthe montmorillonite - urea intercalation complex will increase gradually to some extent.
6. Its special properties bring lithium montmorillonite a broad applied prospects, it can be used in the field of foundry coating and new electric material.
7. Calcium compounds could decrease fluoride emission rate from montmorillonite.
8. There are minerals absorbing uranium: zeolite, montmorillonite, carbonaceous matter.
9. Organ - montmorillonite ( OMMT ) modified rosin emulsion was prepared by inversion process.
10. The content of montmorillonite of bentonite ( PRT - 3 ) from Riyuelei reached 87.17 % after natural sink.
11. The ion exchanged montmorillonite was characterized by FT - IR, XRD, and TGA.
12. Copper - loaded montmorillonite was prepared using montmorillonite and copper sulphate as raw materials.
13. It is revealed that the montmorillonite interlayer space has the essence of alterability based on the alterability of montmorillonite interlayer space.
14. Results: The skin tissue in the montmorillonite intervene group irradiated by ultraviolet rays didn' t change obviously as compared with that in the self-control group. But, the damage skint...
15. Sodium montmorillonite can be freeze-dried into a spongelike material known as an aerogel. Aerogels are famously fragile.
16. Objective : To study the adsorption properties of montmorillonite in chlorhexidine acetate solution.
17. The effect of montmorillonite nano-meter particle on the thermostability ,( mechanical properties and intrinsic viscosity number of the in-meter composite was studied.
18. The effect of Rhodopseudomonas palustris-loaded montmorillonite on water quality and growth performances was studied in cultured allogynogenetic crucian carp (Carassius auratus).
19. High - modulus polypropylene compound was developed by means adding nano - meter montmorillonite to polypropylene.
20. From above studies, the dilution mechanism of NCMC for montmorillonite clay slip and its dilution model have been developed.
21. The invention provides a composite high water absorbent material prepared by waste potato stems and leaves and organic montmorillonite.
22. The mud was a blue-gray plastic clay composed predominantly of montmorillonite with some illite.
23. In this psper we studied the absorption effect of moroxydine hydrochloride by natrium montmorillonite, acid montmorillonite, Zhejiang montmorillonite.
24. This paper has studied the growth of ryegrass in mixed soil of copper mine tailing and garden soil as affected by some amendments including montmorillonite, rice straw and chicken manure.
25. It is shown that the changes of is resulted from the changes of both apparent porosity and the distance between layers of gel-type montmorillonite in interparticle pores.
26. Na-montmorillonite(Na-MMT) was modified with different quaternary phosphonium salts using ion-exchange method, and the structures and property of modified montmorillonite were studied.
27. The diluting mechanism of organic and inorganic diluents for porcelain clay containing montmorillonite slip have been explored by X-Ray Diffractometer and Transmission Electron Microscope.
28. Under the same experiment conditions, the algae removal rate of Phosphonium salt modified montmorillonite is better than quaternary modified montmorillonite.
29. The results showed that the thermostability of the composite was improved by the addition of the nano-meter montmorillonite and rose with the increase of the content of the nano-meter montmorillonite.
30. Hydroxy-Al-Ni polymer was introduced into the interlamellar space of montmorillonites to synthesize hydroxy-Al-Ni cross linked montmorillonite.
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