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Monetary value in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: net asset valuemonetarymonetary unitmonetary policymonetary standardinternational monetary fundinternational monetary systemvalue of moneyMeaning: n. the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold). random good picture
1. To place a monetary value on the prevention of an epidemic is largely conjectural.
2. Several speakers at the seminar argued for a monetary value to be placed on resources such as irrigation water.
3. The monetary value of the lamp, as opposed to its humanitarian value, was greatly appreciated by all the major principals concerned.
4. Certainly for earlier periods the rarity and high monetary value of items will place them beyond the reach of schools.
5. The monetary value is the substitution of the commodity economy credit relations.
6. While not assigning a monetary value to the buried bling, the enthusiastic language from the normally staid Federal Office for Memorials reflected the significance it attached to the discovery.
7. Investors bought gold a hedging tool for preserving monetary value.
7. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
8. However, when people give gifts for their monetary value physical impressions , the gifts are immediately devalued.
9. Currency and Accounting offer specialized formatting for monetary value.
10. The courts will be asked to place a monetary value on his unfinished career.
11. Anything beyond a preset monetary value must be declared or turned in to the company.
12. International reply coupon: A coupon of monetary value that is sold and exchangeable for postage at post offices in member countries of the Universal Postal Union.
13. I am reluctant to assign monetary value to chores, as this can backfire.
14. These metrics will help you measure the monetary value of a non - ecommerce site.
16. Occasionally I meet some one who likes their work but is disappointed with the monetary value put on it.
17. They were worried only about what would happen to the monetary value of the paintings and their business as dealers.
18. Silver and gold are rare and were prized for their monetary value[], appearance and resistance to corrosion.
19. Recorded Delivery is for ordinary letters or documents which have little or no monetary value.
20. Please make a list of the contents of your baggage and their monetary value in dollars.
21. Do you store an amount and a currency code with every monetary value?
22. I always accept a friend's gift gracefully and appre - ciatively regardless of its monetary value.
23. Again, such a valuation approach converts a bundle of disparate attributes into a monetary value.
24. The reform should both expand the resource tax base to include materials that have not been taxed before and switch to a tariff that charges per unit instead of a tax based on monetary value.
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