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Misplay in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-10-09Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: displayon displaymisplacedisplay casemisplaceddisplay boardcomputer displayinteractive displayMeaning: ['mɪs'pleɪ] n. (baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed. v. 1. play incorrectly, e.g., play a wrong note 2. play wrong or in an unskillful manner. 
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(1) A defensive fielding or throwing misplay by a player when a play normally should have resulted in an out or prevented an advance by a base runner.
(2) The disfigurement and misplay of theoretic study will badly influence the system construction in practice and even result in the failure of the whole system .
(3) In reviewing the teaching misplay, the teacher believes that she should be strict with herself and be careful in preparing the lesson so as to reduce misplay.
(4) Therefore , we usually make the misplay in operating these enterprises.
(5) Secondly, appears misplay of Lao Tzu, introduce it to the right way of Confucianism.
(6) The results showed that the main reasons of misplay were because the pass direction was improper at middle-low speed and weak oppositional state.
(7) This misplay by Einstein leads to the hypothesis of the big bang.
(8) The government's misplay in economy is showing up little by little.
(9) However according the statistics[], human misplay account for most of the malfunction during the maintenance activity.
(10) The main reason of misplay is that these companies' rough investing management.
(11) Like King Lear, Shah Jehan in his old age misplays his hand and is defeated by his ungrateful children.
(12) These problems mainly result from the interweaving of curriculum theories, the ambiguity of the curriculum contents, and the subjective misplay on the practitioners' part, etc.
(13) Although this disintegration was a result of many factors, the misplay of the theoretical development of the Soviet Communist Party is a important fundamental causes.
(14) For the human uncertainty factor, analyze the reason and sort of human misplay.
(15) The long-term neglect towards countryside's social security actually is a misplay in the reform of Chinese social security system.
(16) Objective To discuss the management methods of operation sample and prevent the misplay in the management of the operation sample .
(17) We have sent the above original B/L to our consignee because of our misplay.
(18) The important anthropogenic factors of resulting in land sandy desertification are the misplay of management, the high-speed increasing of population, and the over misuse of land resource.
(19) Results The sample management rule is available and effective to prevent the misplay in the management of the operation sample in our hospital.
(20) Many traffic accidents seem to be brought about by the misplay or carelessness of the driver.
(21) In China, studies valley management early, and takes some achievement, but occurs much misplay.
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