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Mid-atlantic in a sentence

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Similar words: mid-atlantic ridgeatlanticnorth atlantictransatlanticatlantic coastatlantic oceannorth atlantic treatyatlantisMeaning: adj. of a region of the United States generally including Delaware; Maryland; Virginia; and usually New York; Pennsylvania; New Jersey. 
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1. One of the plane's engines gave out in mid-Atlantic.
2. The deep depression over the mid-Atlantic will gradually move eastwards during the day.
3. A low is making its way over the Mid-Atlantic states.
4. The storm is expected to pass through the mid-Atlantic early Sunday.
5. About 100 million years from now the present-day Mid-Atlantic Ridge will be subducted and the continents will come closer together.
6. Right now in mid-Atlantic, thank the Lord, there is nothing on which to spend cash, only thousands of miles of sea.
7. The divergent Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises above sea level at Thingvellir, with the North American plate to the west and the Eurasian plate to the east.
8. Coastal areas across the mid-Atlantic remained under hurricane warnings as evacuations of over 300, 000 people in New York City continued.
9. Severe weather sweeps across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.
10. Iceland sits on a hot spot in the Mid-Atlantic ridge, and has frequent eruptions. For MSNBC. COM, I am Kim Anderson.
11. Our family traveled all over the Mid-Atlantic United States and figuratively speaking - all over the world - in search of "good soccer" for our son.
12. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of a divergent plate boundary and is an area where new seafloor is being created.
13. Russia applied to explore a Mid-Atlantic Ridge site.
14. The mid-Atlantic state of Maryland is called the Free State.
15. The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank measure of Mid-Atlantic manufacturing showed a modest pullback to 19.3 in January from 20.8 in December, but strong underlying components.
16. A geologically young land, Iceland is located on both the Iceland hotspot and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which runs right through it.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. The pairings created viable hybrid offspring—identified by their DNA and skulls—that have been found in mid-Atlantic states such as New York and Pennsylvania.
18. Winter weather is coating ice and snow on roads from the Plains to the mid-atlantic states.
19. Russia, which also has a deep-sea submersible, applied to explore a Mid-Atlantic Ridge site.
20. Its existence depends entirely on what geologists call the mid-Atlantic ridge.
21. Winter weather is coating ice and snow on roads from the Plains to the mid-Atlantic states.
22. With the help of high-intensity lighting, high-resolution cameras, and the submersible Alvin, Kristof and his crew captured dramatic imagery in the dark, superheated depths of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
23. Seafloor hydrothermal activities have been found in tbe Red Sea, Galapagos, East Pacific Rise, Gulf of California, and Mid-Atlantic Ridge since 1960s.
24. The tops of a few of the mountains reach up above the sea and make islands. The Azores are the tops of peaks in the mid-Atlantic mountain range.
25. The animation shows a series of thunderstorms coalescing as the fast-moving front travels from the Appalachians toward the Mid-Atlantic.
26. the average industrial rate in the United States is 7 cents, and 9 cents in the mid-Atlantic region.
27. Around 60, 000 of the organisms collected during the Mid-Atlantic Ridge survey were fish, which experts are working to document and identify.
28. Forecasters say conditions could turn extremely dangerous in the mid-Atlantic region around Washington.
29. There are now a handful of companies that offer service from all parts of New England and the Mid-Atlantic and Chinese are no longer the only passengers onboard.
30. Photo Gallery: Plate Tectonics An eelpout fish swims near tube worms at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean.
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