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Microscope in a sentence

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Sentence count:273+12 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-12Updated:2017-01-12
Similar words: microscopicallyscopemicrochipmicrocomputertelescopecopeludicrouscope withMeaning: ['maɪkrəskəʊp] n. magnifier of the image of small objects. random good picture
1 Love looks with telescope; envy with microscope
2 The microscope magnified the object two hundred times.
3 The microscope capacitates small objects to be observed.
4 An object was magnified 200 times by the microscope.
5 The light microscope magnifies the object 1000 diameters.
6 If you look at the paper under a microscope,[] you will see the fibres.
7 A microscope magnifies bacteria so that they can be seen and studied.
8 They looked at the blood samples under the microscope.
9 The microscope contains a few hundred dollars-worth of electronic bits and bobs.
10 Each sample was examined through a microscope.
11 The microscope has a magnification of 1000.
12 This microscope magnifies an object 100000 times.
13 The payoff for years of research is a microscope which performs better than all of its competitors.
14 These bacteria are invisible unless viewed with a microscope.
15 You'd need an extremely powerful microscope to see something so small.
16 With a microscope, a whole new world of investigation opens up.
17 You can see it with a microscope.
18 The slightest movement will defocus the microscope.
19 Place the specimen on a microscope slide.
20 The microscope must be free from vibration.
21 The electron microscope uses a beam of electrons to produce images at high magnifications.
22 Histology involves looking at cells under a microscope.
23 We aimed the microscope at a likely looking target.
24 Abnormalities in the cells can be seen quite clearly under a microscope.
25 The structure of molecules can be seen under an electron microscope.
26 In the play, love and marriage are put under the microscope.
27 The biologist stained the specimen before looking at it through the microscope.
28 Could you explain to me in words of one syllable how an electron microscope works?
29 The bacteria were then examined under a / the microscope.
30 Stain the specimen before looking at it under the microscope.
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