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Microbiology in a sentence

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Similar words: biologyetiologybiologicalmicrophonemicrochipmicroscopemicrocomputergeologyMeaning: n. the branch of biology that studies microorganisms and their effects on humans. random good picture
1. The present writer has no experience in microbiology.
2. Twort's most important contribution to microbiology was his discovery of bacteriophage.
3. He received a doctorate in microbiology and immunology from West Virginia University.
4. They may require elements of microbiology and chemical science as well as organisational ability but they are still generally regarded as unskilled work.
5. A small amount of microbiology is taught in first- and second-year courses.
6. He had been reading microbiology texts and became intrigued by DNA and how it replicated itself.
7. You may find it useful to revise microbiology, the modes of spread of infection and methods of sterilization.
8. These courses are taught jointly with Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry respectively.
9. We also need to appreciate the microbiology of wound care.
10. Linton lists as his perceived audience undergraduates studying microbiology, together with both undergraduate and postgraduate students of medicine and veterinary science.
11. The halophilic microbiology, as a type microbial resource, are used in many aspects.
12. Medical device free of living Microbiology.
13. Botany, zoology, biochemistry and molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, genetics, fermentation engineering.
14. There are various kinds of acidophilic microbiology which are divided into autotrophic, heterotrophic and amphitrophy by trophic types.
15. This major combines microbiology with zymology and wine - making studies.
16. His work advanced the science of microbiology.
17. Whiting R C . Microbiology modeling [ J ]. CRC Critical Reviews in Food and Science and Nutrition . 35:467 494.
18. Research areas include medical microbiology, virology, AIDS, biosciences , immunology , genetics, evolution, biochemistry and ecology etc.
19. University of the Witwatersrand. Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases National Health Laboratory Service(NHLS) and the School of Pathology.
20. Dr Cath Rees, Associate Professor of Microbiology at the University of Nottingham was one of the team who discovered the power of the plasma beam accidentally during medical research.
21. Emphasis has been placed upon the clinical aspects of infection and relevant questions on basic microbiology and pathology have therefore been included.
22. The moment Van Leeuwenhoek gazed into his pond water was the moment that microbiology was born.
23. It well informs the research advances in all aspects of marine botany, including marine microbiology and marine mycology [], at all levels of biological organization from subcellular to ecosystem.
24. He includes more than 50 solved problems drawn from key areas of food science, namely food microbiology, food chemistry, sensory evaluation, statistical quality control, and food engineering.
25. Sodium dehydroacetate is a new type of preservatives and has obvious inhibiting action to microbiology in food.
26. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Philosophy, and Postgraduate Diploma in Pathology or Microbiology.
27. Type specimen is deposited in the Herbarium of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology (HMIGD), Guangzhou, China.
28. Type specimens examined are deposited in the Herbarium of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology (HMIGD), Guangzhou and in the Herbarium Mycologicum Academiae Sinicae (HMAS), Beijing.
29. A similar approach is used in countless other disciplines, from aeronautical engineering to microbiology.
30. Presently he is Virology Editor - in - Chief of'Veterinary Microbiology '.
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