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Metabolite in a sentence

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Similar words: metabolicmetabolismmetabolisemetabolizemetabolicallymetabolic ratebasal metabolismmetabolic processMeaning: n. any substance involved in metabolism (either as a product of metabolism or as necessary for metabolism). random good picture
1 Apreliminary analysis of the properties of urinary radioactive metabolite was made.
2 Conclusion DMZOH was the major metabolite for DMZ, the bound residues were not be identified.
3 Metabolite A metabolite is any intermediate or product resulting from metabolism.
4 FDA approves methotrexate, an anti - metabolite derived from folic acid, and 6 - mercaptopurine as anti - cancer drugs.
5 Bornyl acetate was found as the metabolite of Borneol in rabbits plasma by GC - MS . 3.
6 This metabolite appeared identical to one obtained from mosquito larvage exposed to isobenzan.
7 This study synthesis a metabolite of additive of Olaquindox named methyl - 3 - quinoxaline - 2 - carboxylic acid.
8 Correlation of T 1 relation time and partial metabolite ratio with age was present in gray matter.
9 A metabolite of quinocetone, desoxyquinocetone, was synthesized to further study the metabolism of quinocetone.
10 Isosorbide mononitrate is an active metabolite of isosorbide dinitrate and exerts qualitatively similar effects.
11 Dihydroartemisinin is the main active metabolite of artemisinin derivatives.
12 Cyanide ion plays an important role in the toxicity of acrylonitrile as metabolite.
13 The emerging field may eventually classify individuals on the basis of their metabolic type, or metabolite.
14 Vegetable tannin ( plant polyphenol ), as a complex higher plant secondary metabolite,[] widely exists in kingdom.
15 Stavudine is phosphorylated by cellular kinases to the active metabolite stavudine triphosphate.
16 To establish a HPLC method for determination of the plasma concentrations of isoniazid ( INH ) and its metabolite acetyl - isoniazid ( AcINH ).
17 The accumulation of hormone and temperature could increase the secretion of secondary metabolite.
18 Aflatoxin B _ 1 ( AFB _ 1 ) is a highly toxic secondary metabolite produced predominantly by some fungal strains.
19 Surprisingly, the key to such an anesthetic may lie in the metabolite of a sex hormone.
20 Metabolite profiling in 94 Arabidopsis accessions revealed that biomass correlates negatively with many metabolites, especially starch.
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