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Mesodermal in a sentence

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Similar words: mesodermectodermalendodermalhypodermaldermalpyodermasubdermalxerodermaMeaning: ['mezəʊ'dɜrml /'mesəʊ'dɜːml] adj. relating to or derived from the mesoderm. 
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1. The layer of flat cells of mesodermal origin that lines the embryonic body cavity and gives rise to the squamous cells of the peritoneum, pericardium, and pleura.
2. In the embryo an undifferentiated mesodermal component of an early trunk or tail segment or metamere, derived from paraxial mesoderm.
3. Dentinogenesis imperfecta (DI) is a kind of mesodermal defect inherited in a simple autosomal dominant mode.
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4. The constituents of the dermis are mesodermal in origin except for nerves, which, like melanocytes, derive from the neural crest.
5. Fibroepithelial polyp is the most common mesodermal tumor in the ureter, although its incidence is low.
6. The radiotherapetic sensibility of endometrial stromal sarcomas, mixed mesodermal sarcomas and leiomyosarcomas was downward tendency in turn.
7. Surprisingly, restricted regions of the embryo generated both migrating neural crest cells and their derivative cell types, without any interaction with neural or mesodermal tissues.
8. An internal body cavity of some primitive invertebrates, similar to a coelom but lacking a mesodermal lining.
9. Fibroepithelial polyps of the ureter are benign tumors arising from mesodermal tissue in the ureter wall. They are extremely rare lesions that can cause ureteropelvic junction obstruction in children.
10. CD44 is a trans-membrane glycoprotein widely expressed on many kinds of cell from epithelial, mesenchymal, hematopoietic and mesodermal tissues.
11. In contrast, overexpression of dpr 2 causes developmental defects in midline mesodermal tissues a phenotype resembling oep.
12. Of the 153 cases, 48 were leiomyosarcomas, 47 mixed mesodermal sarcomas, 37 endometrial stromal sarcomas, 8 carcinosarcomas, 4 sarcoma botryoides, 1 fibrosarcoma, and 8 malignant lymphomas.
13. CD44 is a family of trans-membrane glycoprotein that is widely expressed in many tissues derived from epithelial, mesenchymal, hematopoietic and mesodermal origins.
14. To discuss the influence of the diagnosis and treatment on the prognosis of patients with the mixed malignant mesodermal tumour of the uterus.
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