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Mercuric in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2018-09-12Updated:2018-09-12
Similar words: mercurialmercurymercurochromemercury thermometerlaffer curveovercurrentshower curtainundercurrentMeaning: [mɜr'kjʊrɪk /mɜː'kjʊərɪk] adj. of or containing mercury. 
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1. Instead of silver nitrite mercuric nitrite may be used.
2. Red mercuric sulfide used as a pigment.
3. By this method, a poisonous cyanide or mercuric chloride could be avoided , and basic ion-exchange resin could be avoided, too.
4. It was found that mercuric chloride enhanced the fluorescence intensity of the ANS-membrane complex.
5. Do not have mercuric alkaline manganese 2 times batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, lithium battery.
6. To avoid the use of mercuric acetate in the non-aqueous titrimetric method, potentiometric titrimetry was applied to the determination of total alkaloids in the eye drops named "Jinshile Diyanye".
7. Aim To discuss the effect of mercuric sulfide in the cinnabaris.
8. A red mercuric sulfide used as a pigment.
9. Effects of mercuric chloride on DNA damage of spermatogenic cell were possible mechanism of mercuric chloride on spermatogenic cell damage.
10. Mercury fulminate may contain trace of mercuric oxalate.
11. New " firework cracker safety and quality " the standard makes clear a regulation, of compound of Potassium of taboo chloric acid, arsenic(, mercuric compound can serve as producer goods.
12. The reutilization of water, tail gas and carbide slag in PVC production by calcium carbide method, and service condition of super low content mercuric chloride catalyst were introduced.
13. ConclusionThere was dose-effect relationship between the exposed levels of mercuric chloride and the mercury concentration in body.
14. Result showed that 80% alcohol solution is better than 0.1% mercuric chloride solution judging from the surface sterilization effects.
15. We have prepared several complex catalyst of stannous chloride and rare earth chloride to replace mercuric chloride and examined their catalytic activity for the synthesis of vinyl chloride.
16. Patch testing showed that the patient was sensitive to ammoniated mercury , mercury, mercuric chloride and mercurochrome.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. The visible light absorption curve and heat recovery curve of mercuric and zinc dithizone in PMMA and PS are also measured.
18. As vinyl chloride synthesized from acetylene and hydrogen chloride is further converted into polyvinyl chloride, mercuric chloride must be made use of as a catalyst and activated carbon as a carrier.
19. Animal ARF can be induced by renal ischemia-reperfusion injury, glycerine, gentamicin and mercuric chloride, and typical acute tubular necrosis can be observed in pathological changes.
20. The degree of elevation of serum trausaminase activity is related to the concentration of mercuric chloride.
21. We conclude that lipid peroxidation and free radicals participate in the process and mechanism of toxicity induced by mercuric chloride combined with other datas before.
22. Results showed the obvious dose-response relationship between the DNA damage(DNA damage rate and length of DNA migrations) and doses of mercuric chloride and cadmium chloride .
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