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Mental representation in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-10-10Updated:2018-10-10
Similar words: legal representationproportional representationlegal representativepersonal representativerepresentationrepresentationalmisrepresentationsymbolic representationMeaning: n. a presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image. 
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(1) Here, insulated by repression from direct awareness, mental representations can live on unsuspected and unknown.
(2) The study examined the mental representation of Chinese two - character words by the word decision task.
(3) When a person feels in love, their mental representation, metaphors and even body image are also affected.
(4) The mental representation of imagery is mental image but not abstract proposition in some special condition.
(5) The iconicity of politeness in the mental representation is discussed, which can be examined from cognitive context iconicity, pragmatic distance iconicity and scalar quantity iconicity.
(6) The second one, based on the concept of mental representation, investigated the effect of construal level on choice preference.
(7) Adult Attachment is memories and mental representation about the relationship with their parents on childhood.
(8) Image, a concept in psychology, is a mental representation, which can be a help in language learning.
(9) On the representational theory nothing can be prior to a mental representation - the bedrock of thought is representational.
(10) However, it is often regarded as problematic whether or not animals have mental representations(, or use symbolic systems or languages.
(11) Not until the second year of life do the first true forms of mental representation occur.
(12) My first task will be to say why the focus upon mental representation has muddied the waters.
(13) Based on the function of AM, this study tries to explore the mental representation and relationship of each other, and attempts to analyze the core of internal mechanism of it.
(14) Furthermore, deaf children from hearing families are able to understand the false representation of reality by pictures to some extent, although they show delay in mental representation abilities.
(15) The key claim of defenders of the 'language thesis' is that language is necessary for mental representation and manipulation of numerosities greater than 4.
(16) The love feeling also affects sophisticated cognitive functions, such as mental representation, metaphors and body image.
(17) The schema of mathematics concept is a whole of mental representation which people builds up.
(18) There are many researches on mental simulation and sentence comprehension, but research on the mental representation of color information was not paid enough attention to.
(19) The disputes are mainly about the general cognitive problems, such as semantic understanding, mental representation and some concrete cognitive problems.
(20) So, it is important to research its structure and how to instruct students to construct clear and comprehensive mental representation in order to understand and master the concept.
(21) In addition, there are other factors, such as game playing, language, consciousness, mental representation, etc. , which make conditions and provide mechanisms for the rise of art.
(22) In the research on indirect anaphora, the current focus is not the formal ties in traditional grammar, but the mental representation and mental coherence of the text.
(23) This paper reviewed the neuropsychological study of the self, and showed how a neuropsychological approach can contribute to our understanding of the mental representation of self.
(24) The morpheme repeated prime paradigm was used to probe the mental representation of compound words.
(25) Love influences sophisticated intellectual processes of the brain too. When a person feels in love, their mental representation, metaphors and even body image are also affected.
(26) The study of this kind of speech errors lies in the domain of psycholinguistics, with the aim of discovering the mechanism of language production, including mental representation and mental process.
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