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Mental imagery in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2018-08-08Updated:2018-08-08
Similar words: mental imagealimentaldigital image processingimageryreal imagevirtual imagedental surgeryalimentaryMeaning: n. the ability to form mental images of things or events. 
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1, Mental imagery, probably one of the oldest relaxation techniques known, can allow you to achieve a relaxation response.
2, Those who used mental imagery performed better at a simulated job interview than those who didn't.
3, Based on ancient Chinese medicine, IBMT combines posture, mental imagery and body relaxation and breathing techniques.
4, A procedure producing the mental imagery is a procedure which includes gathering up graph characteristics,[ imagery.html] extracting its elements and its organization.
5, This paper focuses on the description of mental imagery, method, message passing mechanism and discusses some interesting characteriStics under this model.
6, Mental imagery belongs to the purview of philosophy and cognitive psychology.
7, For example, we often rehash mental imagery while engaging in visually guided tasks such as driving.
8, Use visual and mental imagery of yourself achieving and surpassing your goals.
9, The mental imagery group also experienced less stress.
10, When the form of aversive stimulation is unpleasant mental imagery the technique is known as covert.
11, For a long time, discussion of mental imagery was always twined with two concepts, ideas and representation, which are just philosophical terms before the generation of scientific psychology.
12, Mental imagery is a tool for a speaker to minimize or eliminate any negative thoughts or fears about speaking.
13, This mental imagery rehearsal by exorcising the fear and finally dispel the nightmare.
14, Those who used mental imagery performed better at a simulated job interview than those who didn't. The mental imagery group also experienced less stress.
15, Mental imagery refers to the information that is stored in brain as the mode of image, it is also an important form of human's knowledge representation.
16, And mental imagery can also serve as methods or content of memory.
17, Illustration may come between the text and the reader's own mental imagery.
18, In order of their emergence, they are deferred imitation, symbolic play, drawing, mental imagery, and spoken language.
19, Significantly, in the field of hypnosis research this result means that hypnosis can no longer be regarded as mental imagery that takes place during a totally normal waking state of consciousness.
20, Chapter two focuses on the issue of "sex and self mental imagery."
21, Average tactics of implicit decision-making involve self-reflection, incubation, reinforcement and mental imagery.
22, Before us, many Chinese artists vividly depicted Chinese rivers, mountains, customs, lives and mental imagery , enabling us to have free spiritual travelling in today.
23, Even the NFL's San Francisco 49ers and the US Olympic gymnastic teams make mental imagery a compulsory part of their training programs.
24, Dr. Tang and other coaches assisted the students in the IBMT group with breathing, mental imagery, and consciousness while soothing music played in the background.
25, OAT ( Object - oriented Thinking ) is an object - oriented based model for the representation and operation of mental imagery.
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