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Menses in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: sensesexpensesopen sesamefive sensesdaily expensesvariable expensesoperating expensesimmenseMeaning: ['mensiːz] n. the monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women from puberty to menopause. 
1. Headaches before menses which are often scanty.
2. Menses, whether the tomato that has coldand dressed with sauce?
3. Cure and regulate pain in menses caused by adulterate some kind of enzyme in blood.
4. Why cannot the female touch cold water in menses?
5. How does schoolgirl menses eat really not fat?
6. Menses returned to normal volume till the second or third menstrual cycle.
7. Menses first four days shoot inside on, how big gestation probability is?
8. When dropping to the nadir, temperature drops is menses!
9. Menses become irregular and heavy breakthrough bleeding can occur.
10. Methods The cysts volume, follicle, menses, estradiol, estriol(, testosterone of 59 ovarian cysts in 54 patients were observed and compared before and after therapy.
11. If not checking, menses is it possible for self to come?
12. After poisoning a stream, menses abnormal?
13. How can let menses come again?
14. If the red-letter day meets the bride's menses , it is considered as unlucky to bridegroom's family, which must carry through special ritual to avoid misfortune.
15. Are amounts few menses gestation rate high?
16. To menses, what omen is occurrence dust - colour leucorrhoea?
17. Use caution during pregnancy or menses.
18. Menses completes a few Heaven's Queen totally having a few bleeding.
19. Does amounts little menses colour turn black?
20. Relief often comes with a discharge such as the menses or a nasal discharge etc.
21. For example, temporomandibular [ jaw ] pain, or TMJ,(sentence dictionary) is highest in the premenstrual period and during menses.
22. The reasons were related to emotion, weary, internal damage of food and drink, common cold, constipation, induced abortion, irregular menses and englobement of estrogens.
23. An EDC can be calculated by subtracting 3 months from the first day of the last menses and adding 7 days (Naegele's rule).
24. They also suffer more often from secondary amenorrhea, a condition in which menses start but then stop.
25. In addition, the precaution with unusual leucorrhoea, answer above all abstemious sex, notice the sanitation of menses, gestation and puerperium .
26. A woman does not take the gout unless her menses be stopped.
27. Emmeniopathy is a common gynecologic disease of female students, and it has impacted their study and daily life. Menses health care education service is very necessary in college.
28. The most common symptoms are dysmenorrhea dyspareunia and low back pain that worsens during menses.
29. Operator: abdominal pain, any diarrhea, vomiting and giddiness? Is her menses normal?
30. Methods We used the methods of distillation and decompressive extraction, concentration to produce the granule, which was use to cure the disease of irregular menses, amenorrhea and algomenorrhea.
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