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Memory unit in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2018-11-19Updated:2018-11-19
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1. A memory unit in which instructions or data are permanently stored for use by the computer.
2. The memory unit mechanism is proposed to strengthen the local search ability of the algorithm and its calculation speed has been improved.
3. In one test, the accident memory unit.
4. A temporary memory unit (102) stores data sequentially output from a measurement unit (101) in the order from the newest data for only predetermined times.
5. Said memory unit is coupled with a character element line and a bit element line.
6. The memory unit is read out via the absorption current of the sensing unit.
7. The invention discloses a multi-resistance state resistor random-access memory unit and a preparation method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of microelectronics.
8. The memory unit is an essential component in any digit computer since it is needed for storing the programs that are executed by the CPU.
9. Indeed on a byte, which is the computer's memory unit, can be coded up to 256 values.
10. A small memory unit used - between for the input and output units and main memory.
11. If you continue to use an unauthorized Memory Unit after the update, you will not be able to access your stored profile or saved games.
12. The crucial path includes address buffer, decoder, memory unit, sense amplifier and output buffer.
13. By the side wall type gate electrode flash memory unit structure with the shared word line, the invention realizes the two-position storage, thereby improving the storage density.
14. Semiconductor element, memory element, method for operating memory unit and memory element.
14. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
15. Several steps will be adopted to achieve these goals. First, the history of computer development and the basic structure of computer including CPU, memory unit, input and output unit will be lectured.
16. Decoder is one of the most important components in a memory unit, and its improvement can greatly diminish the access time of both register file and SRAM.
17. The invention further provides an integrated preparation method for the memory unit in the copper interconnection process.
18. Elbot : OK, I will press the reset button on my cache memory unit.
19. Other pieces of system software known as linking loaders combine pieces of assembled code and load them into the machine's main memory unit, where they are then ready for execution.
20. Further, when the management unit (103) receives an abnormal value trigger, the management unit sequentially stores data output from the measurement unit (101) at a main memory unit (104).
21. The function module to generate the interval input the interval signal into interval vector memory unit and output control unit through interval shield control unit.
22. A new technique is proposed for the implementation of survivor memory unit in high speed Viterbi ...
23. We will begin by examining the three components, locus, image, and memory unit.
24. Whereas the designed tag is readable and writable, E2PROM is adopted as the memory unit.
25. The step-size of variable power is decided according to both channel fading characteristics estimated by a Kalman filter and the previous power control instructions recorded by a memory unit.
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