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Melanomas in a sentence

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1. Malignant melanoma of the skin is caused by cancerous proliferation of melanocytes.
2. In humans, malignant melanoma - a cancer of the cells containing skin pigment - is a particular hazard of excess sunbathing.
3. An underlying hormonal element has long been suspected in many cases of malignant melanoma.
4. You are not necessarily at any more risk of malignant melanoma than some one who has fewer moles.
5. Judges have occasionally commented on her melanomas but it has never affected her placing in the show ring.
6. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer.
7. It is thought that sudden exposure to intense sunlight is a trigger to melanoma, and young office workers are typical victims.
8. Cases of malignant melanoma have more than doubled in the last 10 years in countries with a fair-skinned population.
9. For melanoma, it has been shown that the de novo expression of ICAM-1 correlates with an increased risk of metastasis.
10. To assess the predictive value of these features we undertook prospective surveillance of patients at high risk of primary melanoma.
11. Cancer vaccines are being tried elsewhere against other types of cancers, including melanoma and brain cancer.
12. Unlike melanomas, they are slow growing and non-invasive and are readily curable if treated early.
13. One type of skin cancer is malignant melanoma.
14. I would like to know in what proportion of the control patients the referring general practitioner considered the diagnosis of malignant melanoma.
15. A melanoma originally diagnosed four years ago had spread.
16. But melanoma country is any hot spot.
17. The reverse gradient applies for only one cause of death,( malignant melanoma of the skin.
18. Not all melanomas can be prevented, but limiting exposure to strong sunlight and other sources of UV light like tanning beds can significantly reduce the risk of getting this very deadly cancer.
19. Conclusions Of the uveal melanomas we analyzed, 83% had somatic mutations in GNAQ or GNA11.
20. Uveal melanomas can be detected by ophthalmologic exam, fluorescein angiography , or sonography.
21. Five people a day are diagnosed with malignant melanomas. It is a killer and affects more people here than in Australia.
22. The most frequent malignant nodules are metastatic melanomas . Metastases from lymphoma and lung, breast, ovary, and colon cancer are less common (Figure 17 ).
23. This study shows the value of clinical follow-up of high-risk patients to detect early thin
24. Methods: Standardized A-scan and B-scan were used to examine 5 cases of choroidal hemangiomas and 4 cases of choroidal malignant melanomas.
25. Mutations affecting Q209 in GNA11 were present in 7% of blue nevi, 32% of primary uveal melanomas, and 57% of uveal melanoma metastases.
26. Irregularly shaped brown or blue spots in the nail bed can be melanomas.
27. Last month, an epidemiological study of 51, 704 melanoma cases nationwide showed that melanomas of the scalp and neck are disproportionately fatal.
28. The most critical questions raised by the McCain documents concern his four melanomas.
29. Of the cases identified on the campaign day in 2008, more than 3000 were basal cell carcinomas (non-melanomas) and 354 were malignant melanomas, the most deadly type of skin cancer.
30. We have previously described distinctive patterns of elastic fibers in nevi and in melanomas.
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