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Megabit in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-11-13Updated:2017-11-13
Similar words: megabuckmegabytemegabucksmegaomegamegatonmegatronmegalithMeaning: n. one million bits. random good picture
(1) Its initial capacity will be 2 megabits per second.
(2) The new rate would be about 1 megabit per second, enough to transmit a small novel in a blink.
(3) CDSL is a one megabit modem technology.
(4) It's hooked to the Internet via a Netgear Gigabit Ethernet switch, which, in turn, is hooked up to a 25Mbps (Megabit per second) cable Internet connection.
(5) One megabit ( Mb ) is 1024 kilobits.
(6) Local-area networks transmitting data at speeds of between 10 megabits per second and 100 megabits per second also exist.
(7) The Stuttgart Computing Center has successfully operated long-distance links using 100 megabits per second of this capacity.
(8) Theoretically, your computer can receive data over cable at up to 10 megabits per second.
(9) The network provides access speeds of 64 kilobits per second and 2 megabits per second.
(10) Private local-area networks on the Internet operate at data transmission speeds of 10 to 100 megabits per second.
(11) Current tests show a maximum speed of about 6 megabits per second for downloads and about 640 kilobits per second upstream.
(12) These networks connect universities and research institutions at data transmission speeds ranging from 64 kilobits per second to 2 megabits per second.
(13) One kilobit ( Kb ) is 1024 bits. One megabit ( Mb ) is 1024 kilobits. One gigabit ( Gb ) is 1024 megabits.
(14) With nmon (type in n after startup), you have a quick snapshot of everything going on in your network, including adapter details, MTU, error counters and collisions(, and megabit rating.
(15) Neither IBM nor Motorola, for instance, is expected to go into mass production until they prove that they can make 256 megabit chips-the standard memory module used today.
(16) An industrial networking system that uses token-passing peer-to-peer communications at data transfer rates of one megabit per second (MBPS). The network media is shielded twisted-pair cable.
(17) Private Heartbeat - VERITAS recommends a minimum of two dedicated 100 megabit private links between cluster nodes.
(18) IBM, collaborating with Germany's Infineon Technologies, has developed a one megabit (million bit) MRAM chip at its laboratories in East Fishkill, New York.
(19) But basic broadband access costs nearly ten times more (per megabit per second of advertised speed) than in the rest of the OECD.
(20) Another advance that has recently been tested and was reported at the meeting is a wireless underwater modem with a range of 200 metres that uses optical signals to transmit data at megabit speeds.
(21) You need to have low delay for voice telephony, the ability to handle megabit data streams with ease for TV, and low error rates and strong security for financial transactions.
(22) Wholesale household prices will start at $40 or less per month for an entry level product and $60 per month for the 100 Megabit product.
(23) According to Ookla, in the U.S., the average monthly cost for broadband is at $47.32 or about $5.06 per megabit per second.
(24) There is no set bandwidth threshold required for a connection to be referred to as "broadband", but it is typical for connections in excess of 1 Megabit per second to be so named.
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