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Medicine man in a sentence

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Similar words: medicinemedicine cabinetbiomedicinecold medicinemedicine ballherbal medicinesports medicinepatent medicineMeaning: n. a Native American shaman. 
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1. On the Reservation, being a medicine man meant literally that these days.
2. Sioux medicine men collected tiny, glistening pebbles from anthills and used them in medicine rattles.
3. Hundreds of such carpet-patterns lie folded in the brains of a few medicine men, still ready for ceremonial recreation and use.
4. Primitive myth comes to us through the kindness of shamans, village elders, witches, warlocks, and medicine men.
5. Present-day medicine men use wicker baskets and reed arrows.
6. Skill and luck kept the new medicine men alive.
7. Yet medicine during that period was completely different, handled by leech-wielding doctors and medicine men.
8. Forbes is a one-bottle medicine man.
9. A medicine man also lives in the Ewok village, a keeper of mystical lore, and a healer to the injured.
10. Jack is re-taken prisoner by Joaquin, an evil medicine man who is the Keeper of the Badlands.
11. As such, dreams concerning the medicine man often reveal our position at the intersection of these influences in our lives.
12. The medicine man who taught me the most was Abdullah.
13. Is the medicine man character (you or another person) benevolent, powerful, or taboo in comparison to mere mortals in the dream?
14. His father is a medicine man.
15. The medical practitioner in primitive society, the medicine man, is primarily priest or shaman.
16. "They go to the medicine man to be cured, so if they don't get full remission from a psychiatrist's treatment, they won't come back, " he said.
17. The medicine man is played by Hadi Subiyanto, a flute player the filmmakers found in Jakarta.
18. The medicine man is a figure that you may dream of in a literal sense, but often encounter in dreams of archetypal awareness.
19. The figure of the medicine man is the figure of sacred knowledge, spiritual power, and healing that speaks not only to our bodies but to our souls.
20. This ancestor may have been a healer or medicine man or woman.
21. His father a medicine man.
22. He spoke Navajo and once sang with a Navajo medicine man at the bedside of a sick girl.
23. There's spirited swamp rock on "When I'm Right (I'm Wrong)", an offer of hope on "A Place in the Sun", and his mystical depiction of the all-knowing medicine man on "Feel Good Music".
23. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
24. Tea, Lois? It's a calming herbal blend. I learned it from a medicine man in Fiji. The secret is the fresh mint.
25. The encounter often leaves us looking at the world a little differently for the presence of the medicine man.
26. "To find the balance you want," [the ancient Balinese medicine man] Ketut spoke through his translator, "this is what you must become.
27. In Bali, her final destination, she planned to devote herself to prayer, studying under a wizened medicine man named Ketut.
28. To help the children , Deej and his sons sought advice from Logray, the Ewok medicine man.
29. Thus, Loved by the Buffalo begins his journey toward becoming a medicine man.
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