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Matchmaker in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-25Updated:2017-03-25
Similar words: matchmakermatchinglawmakerpacemakerbenchmarkbenchmarkingmake a mistakeMeaning: ['mætʃ'meɪkə(r)] n. someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others. 
1. Some friends played matchmaker and had us both over to dinner.
2. Kirstein was an artistic matchmaker in the manner of Diaghilev, bringing together choreographers, composers and visual artists.
3. Once a deal was struck between matchmaker and the parents, the girl had to stay at home until her
4. A Washington matchmaker who links celebrities with charity work, it took Viator no time to imagine the perfect campaign.
5. In trying to play matchmaker and kill two birds with one stone, I nearly annihilated three.
6. But at that time, the matchmaker arranged us to meet at a park.
7. Take that music is a matchmaker , beautiful musical note , one people spreading human being as , use wisdom to create boundless value.
8. The receptionist was a real matchmaker.
9. Condor simplifies job submission by acting as a matchmaker of ClassAds.
10. What a fine matchmaker Mrs. Wang had turned out to be!
11. Matchmaker No problem. I have an idea.
12. Rose : Ms. Matchmaker [], Herb and I just aren't written in the stars.
13. February 29, is perhaps the best matchmaker in this world, "leap year" 1 Let us believe in this.
14. Matchmaker, can you match my daughter with a nice young man?
15. The matchmaker has been an important member of Jewish communities for centuries.
16. Besides being a judge, Soo-Il was also a talented matchmaker.
17. Ours, after all, was not a marriage arranged by a matchmaker or by our parents.
18. Your friend apparently knows your type and will be a matchmaker.
19. Orly claimed Majerik became her client after she helped the widow prevail in a lawsuit against another matchmaker.
20. FA ZHOU : Honorable ancestors, please help Mulan impress the matchmaker today.
21. The new truth lies in the Federal Reserve's role as matchmaker of last resort, smoothing the deal with a temporary loan of $30 billion.
22. " We don't even have enough money to reward the matchmaker, let alone get married. "
23. The little boy began to scream and kick. The matchmaker took him outside.
24. Liu Tung - fang had once asked Mrs. Wang to act as matchmaker for his sister.
25. We'll also cover some topics related to using ShadowBox like the Clip Brushes and the Matchmaker Brush.
26. Herbert: What do you have in mind, Mr. 4 Matchmaker?
27. A love story between a scholar and the governor's daughter Red Maid acts as the matchmaker.
28. An online talent scout, Plentitube is trying to become a middleman of the new media, a matchmaker for the YouTube generation.
29. Multivariate design language pattern and many dimensions of artistic form construction make the biography matchmaker artistic form more perfect and full-grown.
30. Meanwhile, John and Coretta help Kimmie Bishop, who's back suing a matchmaker for saying she's "unmatchable".
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