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Mass-produce in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: mass productionproduceproducedproducerreproduceintroducereintroduceproductMeaning: v. produce on a large scale. random good picture
1. We began mass-producing it shortly afterward.
2. But their characters are so mass-produced and their actions so predictable that the whole thing smells like an old cedar chest.
3. Even within the world of mass-produced culture, it is possible to approach the question of standardization differently.
4. Second, and more important, they were mass-produced out of durable materials and so have survived in large numbers.
5. The Neo-Dadaists turned to the mass-produced imagery and disposable goods of the consumer society.
6. However, the very fact that they are mass-produced and relatively cheap means that they are too frequently seen.
7. Because coins were mass-produced they can often be accurately dated, in the ways described in Chapter 2.
8. Modern mass-produced media such as cassettes or compact discs could never be marketed if each one had to carry a stamp.
9. They were clearly mass-produced in permanent kilns using a finer fabric and were a far more standardised product.
10. The bike is the first mass-produced bicycle to boast full front and rear suspension.
11. No, mass-produced reproductions - as distinct from limited edition - prints seldom if ever rise in value.
12. Nowadays, many top designers also produce mass-produced goods which we can buy in the local department store.
13. Many of these were virtually mass-produced.
14. These slightly altered protein molecules are mass-produced by the protein-making machines inside the developing brain cells.
15. It is a championship for high-performance mass-produced cars which are sold in the United States.
16. Unfortunately, Edison was not himself a musician, and the technology he fathered was never used for mass-producing serious musical records.
17. If it was to mass-produce documents, why have no others been found?
18. Still, if the global No. 1 manufacturer can't mass-produce two vaccines at once, that's worrisome.
19. The researchers hope to mass-produce their prototypes, though how viable this is on a mass-scaled remains to be seen.
20. Many other companies hope to mass-produce flu proteins using mammal or insect cells.
21. Unfortunately, Hallmark has no plans to mass-produce chocolate-covered arrow-pierced brains in the near future.
22. Traditionally, researchers mass-produce the viral component of vaccines by injecting the virus into chicken eggs, where it replicates within the embryo.
23. Park provided cheap loans and tax benefits to nurture Daewoo and a few other businesses into conglomerates that mass-produced for export markets.
24. The project provides only a few specialised types of mass-produced magnets, using the already-established technology of low-temperature superconductivity.
25. I saw innovation, from real-time disease surveillance and reporting using mobile phones, to mosquito factories that mass-produce these insects for use in research projects.
26. Iron was first smelted 3, 500 years ago[], but it wasn't until English engineer Henry Bessemer's invention in 1856 of an inexpensive way to mass-produce steel from iron that its use skyrocketed.
27. Advances in technology have also made high-quality labels and packaging relatively easy to produce, and pharmaceutical chemicals cheap to mass-produce.
28. Indeed a number of carmakers are looking at ways to mass-produce cars built from composites, including BMW, which is developing a range of urban electric vehicles.
29. Around 1876, Mr. Simmons came across a new machine that could mass-produce woven wire mattresses.
30. The problem, he says, may be figuring out how to mass-produce images more cheaply than other techniques can.
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