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Manipulate in a sentence

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Sentence count:167+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-21Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: conductfeelhandlemanagemaneuveroperatetouchworkSimilar words: populationregulateinsulatedcalculatestimulatespeculatearticulatepopularityMeaning: [mə'nɪpjəleɪt /-jʊl-] v. 1. influence or control shrewdly or deviously 2. hold something in one's hands and move it 3. fake or falsify 4. manipulate in a fraudulent manner 5. control (others or oneself) or influence skillfully, usually to one's advantage 6. treat manually, as with massage, for therapeutic purposed. 
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1. Do you know how to manipulate a computer?
2. As a politician, he knows how to manipulate public opinion.
3. Primitive man quickly learned how to manipulate tools.
4. She uses her charm to manipulate people.
5. They managed to manipulate us into agreeing to help.
6. The way he can manipulate my leg has helped my arthritis so much.
7. She knows how to manipulate the audience.
8. Chimps are able to manipulate objects with a high degree of precision.
9. She was unable, for once, to control and manipulate events.
10. It is a simple matter to manipulate such a situation.
11. The computer can manipulate massive amounts of data.
12. You can integrate text with graphics and manipulate graphic images.
13. The thought that any parent would manipulate their child into seeking fame just appalled me.
14. He quickly learned how to manipulate the controls of a plane.
15. The program can produce and manipulate text and graphics.
16. Special software is needed to manipulate the mass of data.
17. The treasurer was arrested for trying to manipulate the company's accounts.
18. It thereby seeks to manipulate interest rates.
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19. And individuals with the ability to manipulate what is written about a public person have enormous power.
20. They accused the government of trying to manipulate the composition of the conference.
21. It is good to manipulate a strained back but bad to manipulate the market.
22. Critics claim that this concentration allows packers to manipulate the market, and in particular to force down the price of cattle.
23. The response of most governments has been to manipulate the economy in order to secure some trade-off between the conflicting economic objectives.
24. Computers can construct and manipulate areas and objects in cyberspace, too, but they do so mostly under human guidance.
25. The wheelchair is designed so that it is easy to manipulate.
26. He is a clever man who knows how to manipulate public opinion.
27. This is an interactive museum where children can actively manipulate the exhibits.
28. Macdonald accepted that such information could be used to manipulate, to obfuscate, and to mislead.
29. Virginia Radcliffe gave an alive, vampish performance as Elena, suggesting powerfully the will to survive and ability to manipulate.
30. Decisions still emerge which are redolent of the pre-1964 era, such as those which manipulate the distinction between rights and legitimate expectations.
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