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Malign in a sentence

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Synonym: defameslanderslursmearbenignSimilar words: mallsmallmaleformalfemaledismalnormallyminimalMeaning: [mə'laɪn] v. speak unfavorably about. adj. 1. evil or harmful in nature or influence 2. having or exerting a malignant influence. 
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1 Foreign domination had a malign influence on local politics.
2 She describes pornography as 'a malign industry'.
3 Your behaviours exercised a malign influence on the children.
4 A malign child of the Cold War who had once been the uncrowned underworld king of Berlin.
5 Edward felt that he and the malign force were fairly evenly matched.
6 That was the malign beauty of it all,( which I spent seven grudging years admiring.
7 What destroys us most effectively is not a malign fate but our own capacity for self-deception and for degrading our own best self. George Eliot 
8 I wish to malign no one.
9 The alliance, whether viewed as divine or malign, was formally enshrined in the School Certificate examination defined in 1917.
10 The malign effects suffered by inbred animals show how evolution can exploit hidden diversity.
11 The malign coincidence that led to the tragedy was made clear by accident investigators' measurements.
12 Many displayed the malign green of corruption, the verdigris of spiritual gangrene.
13 You malign a generous person when you call him stingy.
14 She gave him a malign look.
15 Malign fate had broken their necks , perhaps, but never their hearts.
16 Is cure malign what idea does melanin tumour have?
17 Is liver malign how much is the rate of tumor operation?
18 Common oral cavity jaw is facial and malign tumor has: Malign and cancer of oral cavity scale, fibrosarcoma , lymphatic tumour, malign melanin tumour, mixture tumour is evil change etc.
19 Reliance on sponsorship can have a malign effect on theatre groups.
20 Wool mycosis, malign external auditory meatus is cholecystitis of swollen sex of phlogistic, gas, necrotic quality phlegmon .
21 Wait for malign and cogged method to remember this.
22 They presume that changing values are declining values and seek some malign influence to blame.
23 They had gotten along well together until his parents came into the vicinity and began to malign his wife.
24 Those on the rung just below are often rendered as ridiculous rather than evil, as inept or boorish rather than malign.
25 Clinton's deviousness evoked a fury among Republicans, and contributed to the malign partisanship of the capital.
26 If the War Crimes Act, denial law and Holocaust day were unarguably just, calculations about malign side-effects would be irrelevant.
27 An aggressive person is open to accusations of being in league with or under the control of malign mystical powers.
28 RNAi (Ribonucleic acid interference) is a technique that attacks specific genes in malign cells, disabling functions inside and killing them.
29 It is said that your mergence firm fairyland to have a wrong glory with malign sword between the customs before in those early years, today a see naturally for expected is hot bloody hand generation.
30 The still air keeps the smoke close to the surface, exacerbating its malign effects on health.
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