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Main memory in a sentence

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1. My main memory in this camp was receiving my first Christmas present.
2. A computer system could not operate without main memory, also called internal memory, primary memory, primary storage, random access memory (RAM), or simply memory.
3. Every location in main memory is numbered with a sequential numeric address by which the memory location is referred.
4. The base 256MB of main memory can be expanded to 16GB for faster performance and exploitation of 64-bit addressing capability required by large database applications.
5. Internal memory is al so called primary or main memory because it is the storage element that is accessed by the control unit for the programs and data elements currently active in the system.
6. Boot. A small routine, read into main memory when the computer is turned on, which reads the rest of the operating system into memory. See also initial program load.
7. As main memory space is limited, to organize the data as a file is a better solution.
8. The SPEs do not have direct access to main memory, but only a small (256K on the PS3) local store (LS) which is in an independent, 32-bit address space.
9. The most obvious addressing mode for accessing main memory is called direct addressing mode.
10. The object is both a bitmap in main memory that Skia can draw into, and a "Device Independent Bitmap" that the Windows GDI layer can draw into.
11. Access to main memory is slower than access to the accumulator which usually has direct paths to and from the arithmetic and logic unit ( ALU).
12. Main memory cycle time has bottomed out.
13. Main memory is a volatile storage device. It loses its contents in the case of system failure.
14. A page frame is a constituent of main memory, and hence it is a storage area.
15. Since main memory ( primary storage ) is volatile and too small to accommodate all data and programs permanently, the computer system must provide secondary storage to back up main memory.
16. This information is no longer retained within the computer's main memory.
17. Sun will claim it's the first machine capable of running an entire database out of main memory.
18. For instance, level 1 is best for smaller blocks such as file system information and level 3 is best for main memory swaps.
19. A table that contains a list of transfer instructions of all the programs that are in main memory which enables transfer of control to be made from one program to another program.
20. In a system with virtual memory, a program address under the virtual mode. The virtual memory addresses must be translated into actual memory addresses before main memory is referenced .
21. Shared Memory: A computer configuration in which the video circuitry lacks its own dedicated memory and must share, or drain off, a portion of the computer's main memory.
22. Processor management is concerned with the internal priorities of programs already in main memory.
23. This experiment will help to understand the storage management in different ways,(sentence dictionary) how to achieve the main memory space allocation and recovery.
24. The virtual memory abstraction is implemented by using secondary storage to augment the processor's main memory.
25. The main SPE program will receive an effective address pointer to a struct containing the size and pointer of a string in main memory.
26. The buffer manager of OSCAR ORDBMS is responsible for fetching necessary data pages from magnetic disk to software level of main memory.
27. The use of digital map to show that the distribution of main memory, the realization of main memory space allocation and recovery.
28. For example, a compiler may choose to optimize a loop index variable by storing it in a register, or the cache may delay flushing a new value of a variable to main memory until a more opportune time.
29. Before an instruction is executed, it is first retrieved from main memory and pout a register.
30. This gives enormous performance benefits because large image data sets need not be moved across the main memory bus, which is one place where real-time image processing can become bandwidth bound.
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