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Magnetization in a sentence

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Sentence count:105Posted:2018-04-16Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: monetizationmagnetic levitationmagnetizemagnetizeddemagnetizeelectromagnetic radiationmagnetic inductionmagnetic attractionMeaning: n. 1. the extent or degree to which something is magnetized 2. the process that makes a substance magnetic (temporarily or permanently) 3. the physical property of being magnetic. 
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1. be resistant to magnetization.
2. Surface magnetization or an ionosphere can also provide a magnetosphere.
3. Above the Curie temperature there is no spontaneous magnetization.
4. The saturated magnetization and stability of the ferrofluids were measured by Gouy magnetic balance to study the influences of reaction conditions.
5. Consider the magnetization of a single core in the absence of an ambient field now.
6. The self - magnetization and the magnetic domains are two basic properties of the ferromagnetic materials.
7. In this paper, the diminishable magnetization velocity modulation, invertiable control, the test data and curve, and the inverting efficiency as well as control scheme and presented.
8. Influence of magnetization treatment of agents on magnetization and flotation was researched.
9. In comparison with undoped barium ferrite, saturation magnetization of samples increased and intrinsic coercivity decreased remarkably.
10. For these two series of samples, the magnetization reversal process is accompanied by the combination of the pinned domain wall motion and domain rotation.
11. The Curie temperature and saturation magnetization increase with the Fe content.
12. Experimental investigations were made on the magnetization behavior of magnetic fluid and its visco-magnetic characteristics when flowing over several kinds of magnetic fields of special structures.
13. The paper introduces how to get magnetization vector distribution by magnetization vector tomography and reports some modeling results.
14. In this work, the peak value of magnetization dependence of stress can be obtained directly by integrating the inductive voltage of magnetic probe.
15. An ambient field aids the magnetization from the exciting current.
16. This machine is suitable for the magnetization of various hardware tools, instruments, ferrite, AlNiCo materials and etc. The voltage is adjustable.
17. According to the principle of the "uniform magnetization" and harmonic analytic method, the fields of the ring structure system with multi-segmented and trapezoidal magnet are analysed.
18. And stress anisotropy has large effect on hard or easy magnetization direction.
19. Narrow sheets with sharp gradients may separate regions with different properties such as magnetization, density, and temperature, resulting in cell-like regions.
20. The variation of the peak peak value with the depth of rectangular slot was affected by magnetization of ferromagnetic material.
21. On such a basis, the shape and depth of the magnetic body below the Junggar basin were modeled by using the magnetization intensity of Archeozoic rocks from North China.
22. return-to-reference recording in which the reference condition is the absenceof magnetization.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. The wire rope electromagnetism testing technology is sorted to testing of strong magnetism and testing of weak magnetism from the magnetization intensity.
24. The research status and recent progress of the spin wave emitting are reviewed, which is caused by spin-transfer torque and magnetization precession in the nanoscale magnetic multilayer.
25. It is the key problem for studying the exciting current in the transformer under DC bias magnetization .
26. Making use of semi-classic spin-wave theory, the equation of motion for the magnetization intensity is obtained.
27. Coercive force and remanence increases while current density increases, because it become weaker at (111) magnetization orientation of deposits.
28. In this paper, the basic calculation principle of the temperature dependence of saturation magnetization (Ms) of magneto-optical recording film is briefly introduced.
29. The factors which influence the magnetic property of 1J116 anti-corrosion soft magnetic alloy were studied through the magnetization theory and the mathematic statistics.
30. In this paper, 0bservational method and results on micro domain Structure of magnetic films with perpendicular magnetization have been studied in SEM.
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