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Magnetization in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-04-16Updated:2018-04-16
Similar words: monetizationmagnetic levitationmagnetizemagnetizeddemagnetizeelectromagnetic radiationmagnetic inductionmagnetic attractionMeaning: n. 1. the extent or degree to which something is magnetized 2. the process that makes a substance magnetic (temporarily or permanently) 3. the physical property of being magnetic. random good picture
1. Above the Curie temperature there is no spontaneous magnetization.
2. Consider the magnetization of a single core in the absence of an ambient field now.
3. The self - magnetization and the magnetic domains are two basic properties of the ferromagnetic materials.
4. Influence of magnetization treatment of agents on magnetization and flotation was researched.
5. The Curie temperature and saturation magnetization increase with the Fe content.
6. An ambient field aids the magnetization from the exciting current.
6. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
7. The angle is multiplied by the intensity of magnetization of the surface.
8. The magnetization characteristics of JCC 1 - 66 and JCC 5 - 66 type potentia l transformers are ana - lyzed.
9. The mechanism of magnetization roasting was also discussed in this paper.
10. A new model is proposed for dynamic magnetization performance of the core.
11. In strong fields the magnetization usually changes by rotation of the direction of magnetization.
12. The magnetization process consists of many small discontinuous flux changes.
13. A new process of magnetization - lamella separating oil skimming - pipe automatic filter is introduced , on of industrial experiments.
14. The segmented magnetization curve fitting provides to the orthogonal controllable reactor's harmonic analysis reasonably and precisely.
15. Measurements of Curie temperature and magnetization have been made for polycrystalline Ni 50 Mn 29 Ga 21 - xTbx alloys.
16. An extended model describing magnetization and magnetostriction in ferromagnetic amorphous metal ribbon is introduced.
17. Coil magnetization is the most widely used magnetizing method.
18. The hypothesis of hydrogen bond magnetization resonance theory is firstly proposed for analyzing the magnetization mechanism.
19. Return - to - reference recording in which the reference condition is the absenceof magnetization.
20. Impervious to the effect of a magnetic field; resistant to magnetization.
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