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Lymphomas in a sentence

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1. Most gastric lymphomas are large cell lymphomas of B cell lineage.
2. Primary small cell gastric lymphomas are less frequent and are usually localised, solitary lesions that can be completely excised.
3. Mucosa - associated lymphoid tissue lymphomas are a distinct subgroup of - Hodgin s lymphoma with a particular clinicopathologic behavior.
4. Conclusion:The incidence of ocular adnexal lymphomas may be related with Chlamydia psittaci infection.
5. The spleen is frequently involved in B-cell lymphomas other than splenic marginal zone lymphoma.
6. Classification of T - cell lymphomas has traditionally been based primarily on morphological, immunohistochemical, clinical and genotypic investigations.
7. Does surgery belong to medical history for gastric lymphomas? Ann Oncol 1997 ; 8:419 - 421.
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8. Lymphomas, leukemias, malignant melanomas, sarcomas all begin with that microscopic accident, a mutation in one cell: omnis cellula e cellula e cellula.
9. Other types, such as adenocarcinomas, lymphomas and melanomas, may also occur.
10. If these results can be confirmed, chemotherapy without gastrectomy should be the treatment of choice for agressive gastric lymphomas.
11. There has always been a strongly suspected link between nuclear power stations and leukaemia and malignant lymphomas.
12. Little is known about risk factors for childhood leukaemias and lymphomas.
13. His academic interests focus on cancers of young adults, particularly lymphomas and testicular tumours.
14. These classifications are able to separate groups of nodal lymphomas with a clear correlation between morphological features and clinical behaviour.
15. Without treatment, they could also develop severe illnesses such as tuberculosis, cryptococcal meningitis, and cancers such as lymphomas and Kaposi's sarcoma, among others.
16. This receptor is broadly distributed in carcinomas, sarcomas, leukemias, and lymphomas.
17. But there is no evidence of the relationship with Chlamydia psittaci infection and of the ocular adnexal lymphomas stage and prognosis.
18. The ileum with its greater amount of lymphoid tissue is where most of the lymphomas occur.
19. Objective Primary renal lymphoma is one of the malignant lymphomas that initially presents in the extra lymphonode, which is rarely seen in children.
20. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma(DLBCL) accounts for approximately 10% of non-Hodgkin lymphomas(NHL) of childhood and encompasses a heterogeneous group of clinically and biologically different subsets.
21. Bilateral cervical adenopathy is also prominent in tuberculosis coccidioidomycosis infectious mononucleosis toxoplasmosis sarcoid lymphomas and leukemias.
22. Of the 153 cases, 48 were leiomyosarcomas, 47 mixed mesodermal sarcomas, 37 endometrial stromal sarcomas, 8 carcinosarcomas, 4 sarcoma botryoides, 1 fibrosarcoma, and 8 malignant lymphomas.
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