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Lubricant in a sentence

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Synonym: lubelubricating substancelubricatorSimilar words: rubricfabricatehubrislugubriousbrickfabricAfricanbrilliantMeaning: ['luːbrɪkənt] n. a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery. 
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1. Its nozzle was smeared with some kind of lubricant.
2. Sweat is the lubricant of success.
3. I think humor is a great lubricant for life.
4. Sections are lapped using paraffin oil as a lubricant.
5. They were an adjunct to and lubricant for existing activities rather than part of the supplanting of a traditional culture.
6. Silicone lubricant enhances recovery of nucleic acids after phenol-chloroform extraction Phenol-chloroform extraction is a major step in the purification of nucleic acids.
7. That all-important task acts as a social lubricant, minimizing frictions.
8. The technology characteristics of the lubricant continuous denitrogenation process is described.
9. Because the new semifluid open gear lubricants generally don't include a solvent[], the lubricant won't thicken like the old solvent cutback type products.
10. It also analyzes the application of this lubricant in the warm extrusion.
11. The lubricant monitoring index serials are also set-up in terms of the common lubrication conditions of the pressurization units.
12. But in the practical engineering problems, the lubricant entrainment sometimes corresponds with the major axis of the ellipse, and is sometimes at an angle to the minor axis .
13. A lubricant formulation to reduce wear and prolong die life is developed.
14. Synovial fluid : A viscous fluid acts as lubricant, reducing friction between the bones and acting as a shock absorbent.
15. New type food grade screw compressor lubricant can choose gather alpha olefins synthetic oil.
16. These saws normally use an oil / water emulsion as lubricant.
17. It leads to the stimulation of a privately run black economy as its crucial lubricant. 5.
18. Unselfish or magnanimous lies serve as sort of social lubricant; injurious or malicious lies show the worst of human deception and cunning. Dr T.P.Chia 
19. Should I dash out and buy candles along with my favorite flavored lubricant?
20. He developed a taste for alcohol and discovered its value as social lubricant.
21. Daedalus finds all this rather surprising,[] for water is an extremely bad lubricant.
22. They are left a few millimetres thick and lapped flat or polished, using a lapping compound with paraffin oil lubricant.
23. Rabia began to massage Jane's tummy with some kind of lubricant, probably clarified butter.
24. The vapour might condense and fall on the slopes as a new sort of lubricant snow.
25. The edges of mirrors can be smoothed with a carborundum stone but using water rather than oil as the lubricant.
26. It's an age-old problem and nothing that a dab of string lubricant or Vaseline wouldn't cure.
27. Insufficient lubrication can be overcome through the use of an artificial lubricant.
28. Water soluble quartz grinding liquid consists of efficient self-lubricating amide rust inhibitor, dispersant, water soluble lubricant, acrylic ester densifier, etc.
29. The category and function of the copper wire drawing lubricant are presented.
30. Truck wheel ends which are to be oil lubricated should also include pre-coating (dipping) the bearings in the same lubricant.
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