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Low-grade in a sentence

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Similar words: below groundelbow greasegradegradedgradera gradeupgradesubgradeMeaning: adj. of inferior quality. 
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1. Athenian public slaves never progressed beyond low-grade secretarial jobs.
2. So far the contraband is low-grade stuff from industrial sources, not weapon-grade materials.
3. Low-grade copper and nickel sulphides developed at or near the contacts.
4. Secondly, low-grade sources of minerals and waste dumps can be efficiently exploited.
5. Very low-grade disseminated copper mineralisation may reflect the eroded deep levels of a copper porphyry system.
6. Got a fair bauxite strike and some low-grade iron ore, but it's standard.
7. Subsistence economies sometimes achieve a low-grade stability by the very poverty of the general standard of living.
8. This might initially involve low-grade jobs relocating from elsewhere into the zones.
9. Brown coal A low-grade coal which commonly retains the structures of the original wood. It is high in moisture, low in heat value and checks badly upon drying.
10. The leaching residue of low-grade lithopone is treated with pollution-free normal temperature alkaline smelting.
11. Various chloasma, cyasma, black spot, sun spot, low-grade peeling spot, various biogliph, anti-sallow, desalinate the low-grade freckle (, and those have symptoms of melanin formation.
12. The crude phosphoric acid made from low-grade phosphorite was successfully purified through the steps of solvent precipitation, defluorination and desulfuration etc.
13. This situation results in the low-grade education in vocational school, so the reform of vocational curriculum is necessitous.
14. Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE) is a rare low-grade malignant tumor of vascular origin, rarely seen in the mediastinum.
15. It is sometimes bloody, occasionally accompanied by vomiting and abdominal cramps and much less frequently by low-grade fever.
16. Geothermal energy is, basically, far too rare and too low-grade for widespread economic use.
17. RioFinex examined the Ordovician volcanic rocks of County Tyrone for base metals but found only minor intersections of low-grade copper mineralisation.
18. The most comprehensive available data on exploration for tin-tungsten is around the Mulberry open pit near Bodmin; a large low-grade deposit.
19. Objective: To analyze the clinical features and surgical role of low-grade gliomas of mesial temporal lobe.
20. The invention relates to mesophilic acidophilic bacteria and a biological heap leaching technology for low-grade cobaltiferous sulfide ore concentrates.
21. Manganese ore resources are rich in China, yet with fewer rich ores but more low-grade ores, complex ores and fine refractory ores. rich ore resources are in critical shortage presently.
22. Conclusion: Deep hypothermia has a more efficient protection than low-grade and moderate hypothermia. There is a correlation between protective degree and hypothermic depth in spinal ischemic injury.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. Bioleaching, by means of natural populations of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and related Thiobacilli, for example, allows recovery of up to 70% of the copper in low-grade ores .
24. Many parents have alleged that the schools collapsed because of "tofu dreg construction", a term used to describe construction projects that use low-grade cement and no steel bars for reinforcement.
25. The D2EHPA-TOA organic phase was used as the solvent-extraction system for the concentration of zinc and the separation of ferric ion from the biochemical lixivium of low-grade zinc sulfide.
26. The high-purity manganese carbonate is prepared by leaching manganese with sulfur dioxide, removing impurities, carbonating and crystallizing from Xiangtan's low-grade manganese ore.
27. The deformation was changing from plastic intensity to weakness and the metamorphic facies ranged from amphibolite to low-grade greenschist.
28. High and medial dose groups' mature follicle and atretic follicle have low-grade degeneration.
29. The feasibility of which short-hole shrinkage method is used for mining of low-grade and submarginal ores in Huanren Mine is demonstrated in this paper.
30. Heat pipe ejective air conditioner is a new no pump system, which can use solar energy and other low-grade heat sources.
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