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Low density in a sentence

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Sentence count:76Posted:2017-11-22Updated:2017-11-22
Similar words: densityrelative densitydensitometryintensityimmensitypropensitysensitivityinsensitivityMeaning: n. a rarified quality low-density. adj. 1. having low relative density or specific gravity 2. having low concentration. 
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1) The good stiffness, combined with low density, means that wood is very efficient in beams and columns.
2) For the low density and randomicity of the parity check matrix, LDPC codes can easily combine with high order modulation.
3) Flotation is a process for separating low density solids or liquid particles from a liquid phase.
4) In weak acid 40 ℃ Lanthanide nitrates of low density in environment kill bacterium effect better.
5) This paper discusses the chemical modification of low density polyethylene with siloxane by grafting.
6) Egg yolk cholesterol mainly come from yolk precursor-very low density lipoprotein(VLDL)and vitelline(VTG). The content of egg yolk cholesterol depends on the amount of VLDL transported into oocyte.
7) However, these cryptosystems are vulnerable against low density subset-sum attack, subset of and attacked, GCD attack,[ density.html] simultaneous Diophantine approximation attack and the orthogonal grid attack.
8) Low Density Parity Check Codes(LDPC) is a kind of linear group codes which can be near the Shannon limit, the complexity of decoding is low.
9) An encoder architecture of low density parity check(LDPC) code defined in DVB-S2 standard is proposed.
10) The second body also has an extremely low density.
11) The well doped low density material was made by this means.
12) The requirement and efficiency of using low density bridging loss circulation material and modified directional well configuration to leakage resistance in buried hill formation were discussed.
13) Low Density Parity Check(LDPC) Codes are a kind of linear block codes approaching Shannon limit. They can be constructed either with spare parity-check matrix or with factor graphs.
14) But that results the high void ratio, low density, hardness(, and quality bulk material.
15) The grafting of acrylic acid on to low density polyethylene(LDPE) was studied in solution. Benzoyl peroxide(BPO) and xylene were used as initiator and solvent respectively.
16) Rural counties such as Gwynedd suffer particularly since they often have very low density settlements, rugged terrain and relatively poor roads.
17) What matters is the ratio between the high and the low density cholesterol.
18) That is due not just to its comparatively high transport costs but to its low density.
19) The City proper now constitutes nearly two-thirds of the metropolitan population and maintains a low density among cities of comparable population.
20) Using twin-rotor continuous mixer, an intercalated composite was prepared via direct blending of linear low density polyethylene(PE-LLD)melt and low temperature expandable graphite(LTEG).
21) CT scans demonstrated the lesion was round in 13 cases, irregular in 6, low density focus like a large cyst in 5, diffuse miliary in 1 and cauliflower-like mass at hilum of spleen in 4.
22) AIM:To observe the distribution and expression of two subtypes of very low density lipoprotein receptor(VLDL R) in diabetic adipose tissues to investigate their changes and significance.
23) Light card Corena E must be used for the production of mineral oil-based lubricant of low density polyethylene cylinder high pressure compressor lubrication.
24) The result shows that the density and bulk modulus are sensitive to gas bearing formation and the gas bearing sandstone is characterized by low density and bulk modulus.
25) To avoid forming layer defect, rising pouring temperature are using improved coating and selecting low density styrofoam pattern are a great help.
26) A single star on a candle flame, achieved by using very low density.
27) RECLAIR M24300 Reliance Industries Limited LLDPE is a Butene comonomer based linear low density grade with narrow molecular weight distribution and optimum levels of antioxidants.
28) Grafting of maleic anhydride (MAH) onto high density polyethylene (HDPE), linearly low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and EPDM performed in melt state through ultrasonic initiation was studied.
29) Two processes to prepare Ba - ferrite particles for low density magnetic recording made by ceramic techniques paper.
30) Rod-like NCC has perfect crystal structure, relatively high aspect ratio, low density and excellent mechanical properties which make it a new type of green reinforcing filler for rubber.
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