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Loudness in a sentence

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Synonym: brashnessflashinessgarishnessgaudinessglitzintensitymeretriciousnesstawdrinessvolumeSimilar words: coldnesssadnessmadnesskindnesshardnessgoodnesstirednessstaidnessMeaning: ['laʊdnɪs] n. 1. the magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction) 2. tasteless showiness. 
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1, The amplitude of the vibration determines the loudness of the sound.
2, The loudness of the music prohibits serious conversation in most nightclubs.
3, He spoke softly, as though any loudness here would call down trouble.
4, Their vulgarity, loudness and lack of manners scandalized their hosts.
5, He shouted with extreme loudness . He made a bass drum of Miss Martha's counter.
6, They recommend that loudness and annoyance be considered when making treatment decisions.
7, Listen to him, you will hear the loudness, the quality and musical note of his voice always changing according to what he is talking about.
8, And unfortunately the loudness of my voice often evokes protestation around.
9, Loudness of sound may be measured.
10, Loudness is an important parameter for the acoustic evaluation of concert hall.
11, John answered with the loudness of his breathing.
12, The loudness of my voice, I doubt not, often drowns the thing I would say; and some day or other Time will find me out.
13, Inflection --- A change in the pitch, tone loudness of the voice.
14, His heart bumped in his breast with frightening loudness.
15, The students began to enter the classroom and Anna was startled at their loudness.
16, Voices were hushed, reverential, as though the gathering were inside a cathedral, only their multiplicity giving them an overall loudness.
17, Ideally we need a small instrument worn like a wristwatch which would indicate the loudness of background noise.
18, Yet somehow she was very much part of the group and her loudness underlined yet another lost soul.
19, The conscientious objectors said they were surprised by the loudness of the crunch.
20, As commonly occurs with solo harpsichord and guitar recordings, a reduced volume setting is needed to give the correct aural loudness.
21, A friend can be invaluable in helping you to establish and recognize the loudness needed for ordinary conversation in quiet circumstances.
22, A control , as on a radio, for adjusting amplitude or loudness.
23, Meanwhile , it includes the problems when teaching pronunciation and provides a way to improve students oral English from the point of suprasegmental feature: pitch, loudness,( tempo and voice quality.
24, The test is easier when you listen at higher loudness - but still keep it comfortable for you.
25, A sound also has an amplitude, a property subjectively heard as loudness. The amplitude of a sound is the measure of the displacement of the air pressure wave from its mean, or quiescent state.
26, A sound also has an amplitude , a property subjectively heard as loudness.
27, Athletic fish-eye Seat Base is the upgrade of enhanced rubber seat with superficial flinty processing, non - loudness.
28, From this, Whittle could turn the relative number and strength of waves of different sizes into the relative loudness of high and low pitch notes.
29, Based on the psychoacoustic theory and experiments this paper presents an auditory sense model which simulates the characteristics of human sense of hearing speech loudness.
30, Folk Songs of Northern Shaanxi are typical of its loudness and sonorousness, bitterness and sadness.
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