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Lop-sided in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-05-26
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1. The lopsided load on the lorry looked dangerous.
2. His suit had shoulders that made him look lopsided.
3. The article presents a somewhat lopsided view of events.
4. Lopsided, and eventually became seen.
5. We won by a lopsided score.
6. She gave me a lopsided smile.
7. John Candotti had once waded into a street fight simply because he thought the odds were too lopsided.
8. His pride in her was distorted by his anxious, lopsided grin.
9. I see developing trees with only two main growth arteries where one has been lopped off, leaving an odd-looking lopsided thing.
10. As Lambert laboured to get back on course another blast flung him lopsided.
11. Graham allowed himself a small, lopsided grin at that thought.
12. Lopsided and vulnerable, he tried to climb the barrage and get to the second balloon.
13. In order to install the lopsided majorities, more Republicans have to serve on multiple committees.
14. Even today it is easy to gain a lopsided impression.
15. His whole face was lopsided, one cheek badly scarred.
16. After all, such lopsided enthusiasm indicates that you feel well equipped to tell judges how to do their jobs.
17. A free and easy smile, but lop-sided because her face was still puffy from Garty's beating.
18. The lopsided final score may suggest an easy victory.
19. At length they came to another smaller gate, flanked by a gloriously lopsided storybook cottage.
20. Plants with grey fur wilted in pots; cobwebs hung beneath the round table, draped the lopsided chairs.
21. Chelsea's team was so lop-sided that right-back Geremi, on his 100th Chelsea appearance, was taking all the corners.
22. With the lop-sided birth rate in favor of boys, many young men will not be able to find a wife.
23. This is unnecessary and is the result of lop-sided training, i. e. , no concentration or will power training.
24. As Croce attributes all human activities to the results of expression of man' s soul, his "Theory of Expression" , naturally and inevitably,[Sentencedict] cannot avoid being lop-sided or one - sided.
25. He played on the right side of midfield, unusual for him, and Germany's play looked lop-sided.
26. Eventually it got to the point where II was suggesting that we use him in incredibly lop-sided trades with Charlotte.
27. They received help along the way thanks to the infamous lop-sided trade that brought Pau Gasol to L.
28. A correct economic development concept can promote healthy and coordinated economic development, while an unreasonable one will lead to lop-sided development and ecological environment exacerbation.
29. We are always reminded that tragedy is not really far removed from comedy, so we never get a lop-sided view of things.
30. They have never encouraged or supported them because they want to retain power and control in that very lop-sided, unhealthy relationship.
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