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Long time in a sentence

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Sentence count:279+44 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-17Updated:2017-04-17
Similar words: longtimespringtimelong-termbelong toin the long termfrom time to timeprime timelongMeaning: n. a prolonged period of time. random good picture
1 He said his goodbyes knowing that a long time would pass before he would see his child again.
2 She rammed the door for a long time but it remained closed.
3 It's a long time since she ate out last time.
4 Jack and Mary had been married for a long time but gradually drifted apart until they separated.
5 For a long time with is how long? Buried in the side enough.
6 It takes me a long time to sort over my thoughts before I can start writing.
7 They took a long time to mend the roof.
8 It's the best news I've heard in a long time.
9 I've known the Browns for a long time. They're very pleasant people.
10 It takes a long time to work around to mentioning a possible increase in pay.
11 Fruit juices ferment if they are kept a long time.
12 We haven't seen each other for a long time. May maple bring my love and sow seeds of spring; Under the same starry sky, let us, the distant two,( weave a garland of missing.
13 The bell has rung for a long time.
14 A year seems like such a long time to be away,so we will miss you a lot,and we hope you will miss us,too.
15 We protested about the changes for a long time, but in the end we had to submit.
16 Smiling, not because happiness too long, is too long time forgot to sorrow.
17 He'd been ill for a long time, and his skin was like parchment.
18 I forgave her a long time ago.
19 I can still work for a long time.
20 The cut on my arm bleed for a long time.
21 Love, we must trust, love can be a long time.
22 It took him a long time to unlearn what he learned in his childhood.
23 I haven't heard wolves howling for a long time.
24 She keened for a long time at her mother's funeral.
25 I know you both well and feel that your marriage will last for a long time.
26 Will you suddenly appear, in a coffee shop around the corner, I will bring the smiling face, and you say, not to say once upon a time, just say, say to you, just say, long time no see.
27 I am waiting for a person to accompany me for a long time.
28 It was a problem he had been mulling for a long time.
29 Happiness is not every day, miss to wait a long time for a long time.
30 Ever so a person, can in order to my every move and happy or frustrated for a long time.
More similar words: longtimespringtimelong-termbelong toin the long termfrom time to timeprime timelonglong.alonglongerlong fornot longoblongfor longso longbelongtimeprolongget alonggo alonglongingfurlonglong agoall alongno longerany longercome alonglong sincelifelong
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