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Local area network in a sentence

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Sentence count:74Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: wide area networkmetropolitan area networknetworksubnetworknetworkingcabinetworknetwork nodenetwork cardMeaning: n. a local computer network for communication between computers; especially a network connecting computers and word processors and other electronic office equipment to create a communication system between offices. 
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1. Within a building, a local area network can transfer data at broadband speeds-10 megabytes per second or more.
2. But whether yours is a local area network or a global one, your problem is the same.
3. Today's local area network systems are totally inadequate for such gigantic flows of information.
4. Eight gamers can play on a Local Area Network.
5. They built up a local area network using switchboards.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. So you've just installed a new wireless local area network in your small business or home.
7. Wireless local area network (WLAN) is applied more and more widely. The security is a significant factor for it.
8. In a wireless local area network (WLAN), an access point is a station that transmits and receives data.
9. How would you rate your knowledge of wireless local area network(WLAN)technology?
10. If your LAN (Local Area Network)does not support DHCP, you will need to identify your LAN IP address assignment and default gateway.
11. With the popularization of IEEE802.11 wireless local area network, the network security has become more and more important.
12. It uses Radio Frequency technology, instead of old local area network with twisted-pair copper wire[], and makes the wireless local area network use simple architecture which allows users to access.
13. This research for solved the local area network network security to provide the feasible reference plan.
14. Surprisingly though, in the normal configuration all of these parallel processors are linked by a standard Ethernet local area network.
15. The software allows users to access local and remote communication services on NetWare networks without being confined to a local area network.
16. Graphics: Methods of transmitting broadcast quality vision through a digital local area network.
17. Really sophisticated users may like to invest in the ultimate communications link between the two systems, a local area network.
18. It is currently working on a system for extending the security provided on Unix and local area network systems.
19. They have an open client-server architecture and manage heterogeneous workstations, servers and host computers linked via a local area network.
20. The four agreed to support Simple Network Management Protocol as a standard for managing peripherals on a local area network.
21. In the IBM Token-Ring Network, a device and its associated software that connect a local area network to another local area network or a host that uses different logical link protocols.
22. A method is provided for determining a transmission rate of a control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in a wireless local area network.
23. This paper starts with the comparison between wire network and Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN), analyzes the establishment, safety and optimization design of WLAN.
24. Based on the comparison between ARCNET and SNA , this paper introduces the design of the interconnection of ARCNET local area network and IBM 3031 mainframe by means of telephone network.
25. Computer networking is the focal point of information, all of the Council and the county authorities have completed the construction of office local area network.
26. The basic concepts, transport media, technology standards and topological structure of the wireless local area network are introduced in this paper.
27. This paper introduces the basic concepts, transport media, technology standards and topological structure of the wireless local area network.
28. This article introduces the basic situation of the high speed network technology which is applied to local area network, metropolitan area network, wide area network respectively.
29. Multiple hubs can be linked together to expand a local area network.
30. The 10 patents in the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. state of Delaware, relate to technologies fundamental to devices using GSM, UMTS and/or wireless local area network (LAN) standards, Nokia said.
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